Protect Your Children from the Media’s Toxic Sexual Politics

Photo by Daniel James via Unsplash

Protect Your Children from the Media’s Toxic Sexual Politics

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher, and Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor

The Entertainment Industry and the mainstream “news” media are putting a lot of undue pressure, including economic, professional and even physical pressure, on entertainment industry executives and politicians to force “public” schools and “public” libraries to sexualize schoolchildren as young as kindergarten age and start them at such a young age to adopt the abnormal views on what is and is not sexually appropriate.

The latest brouhaha involves a Florida bill on parental rights in public schools. The Florida legislation prevents teachers from presenting sexualized material to young children in Grades K-3. It bars teachers in Grades K-3 from discussing sexual orientation with such young and impressionable students and also bars them from coaching children about “gender identity” behind the back of their parents.

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There is a lot of misinformation on what the bill is actually trying to accomplish and left leaning media outlets are creating slogans that are not exactly what the bill is saying. 

Many entertainment industry executives have already caved under the intense pressure. 

For example, journalist Betsey McCaughey, from HRC, removed Disney from its corporate sponsors list because an email came out from the CEO to not have any LGBTQ content in their movie. Which put pressure on Disney CEO Bob Chapek to vociferously denounced the Florida legislation and pledge $5 million to the“Human Rights Campaign” (HRC) which fights more on LGBTQ rather then human rights. 

Now comes word that four Disney employees in Florida have been arrested for sexual trafficking of minors. Apparently, says Breitbart pundit John Nolte, it’s harder for pedophiles to abuse children if the child hasn’t been “properly groomed in kindergarten.”

Leftists in the “public” schools are increasingly using “Sex Education” classes in schools to promote pornographic sex of all kinds to schoolchildren, both heterosexual and homosexual pornography.

The Florida bill is a rather minor attempt to stop some of this sexual indoctrination by giving parents a say in what their own young children are being taught. As Pundit Star Parker wrote, “Matters of sexuality should be handled by parents at home, and public schools should teach kids how to read and do math.”

MOVEGUIDE® couldn’t agree more with Star’s comment. Parents should be able to protect their children form the mass media’s toxic, hedonistic and narcissistic sexual politics. And media companies, especially a supposedly pro-family one like Disney, have a responsibility to protect children, no matter what their misguided employees say.

Society used to arrest adults who tried to sexualize or groom little children, and even teenagers, into their pornographic lifestyles. Our courts, including the Supreme Court (which should have known better), have been undermining this civilized response to such wicked depravity for decades now.

And now, this evil has infiltrated not only the public schools but also some private schools. Who will protect the children? Will you?