Nathanial Buzolic Shares Testimony, Encourages Fans To Seek Christ

Photo from Nathaniel Buzolic’s Instagram

Nathanial Buzolic Shares Testimony, Encourages Fans To Seek Christ

By Movieguide® Contributor

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS star Nathaniel Buzolic shared his faith journey on Instagram and encouraged his 2 million followers to do the same. 

“Many people believe they are lost,” his caption read. “Thus many if not all at one point or another… maybe even in this exact moment have gone on a search for themselves. A search that keeps coming back null and void. Well that’s Because it’s not you who has been lost to yourself, thus it’s not you who really needs to be found once more.”

He continued: “The question the seeker needs an answer to is really simple yet requires much to be truly found; Who is the ONE TRUE GOD.”

Buzolic then described the ways God can help those looking for answers and seeking satisfaction in the world. 

“If you grow weary of seeking & seeking and being completely unsatisfied in this world, begin to look to the only one who has come from heaven so that the invisible God may be revealed to you just as it was revealed to me,” the actor wrote. “Open your bible & begin a real discussion with Yahweh. A God who has claimed to be the ever existent one. The great ‘I am.’ Ten years ago I started that very same journey..”

Movieguide® has previously reported on Buzolic’s faith:

Actor Nathaniel Buzolic recently posted a picture of a rainbow and shared his reflection on God’s faithfulness and what the symbol means to Christians.

“A symbol of God’s perpetual covenant between Himself & every living creature. A rainbow across the heavens,” Buzolic wrote on his Instagram. “God confirms in Genesis that ‘Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy ALL flesh.’”

The Australian actor is vocal about his Christian faith and often shares his takeaways from scripture with his 2.8 million followers.

Buzolic summarized the biblical account of the flood and asked his followers to consider Noah’s disobedience and God’s faithfulness.

“For 150 days the waters raged & In the 7th month on the 17th day of the month the Ark came to rest,” he explained. “It was at the end of the 40 days that Noah opened the window of the Ark & sent out a raven, followed by Two doves. The second dove returned with an olive branch & the Bible tells us that this is how Noah knew the waters had receded from the land.”

“Here is a question. Did God ask Noah to do this? Did God command Noah to send out the raven, the 1st dove and then the second?” he asked. “…the answer is no..”

Noah’s failure to wait on the Lord resulted in further immorality. Buzolic notes: “It’s hard to blame Noah for failing to wait on God for further instructions given the extreme situation He was in.”

“However God’s silence doesn’t mean God’s absence. There are many insights to learn but one would have to be the ability to wait on God regardless of days, weeks, months or years,” he continued. “He didn’t forget Noah & Sin is always waiting to hijack God’s symbols plans & promises.”