Disney+’s INTERTWINED Offers Unique Take on FREAK FRIDAY


Disney+’s INTERTWINED Offers Unique Take on FREAK FRIDAY

By Movieguide® Contributor

The Disney+ comedy-drama INTERTWINED follows the 16 year old musical theatre fanatic, Allegra, as she discovers a magical bracelet that takes her back in time, uncovering the truth of the past and changing her life forever.

INTERTWINED (Entrelazados) is actually an Argentinian series filmed in Spanish originally and later dubbed in English for Disney. Produced by Pampa Films and Gloriamundi Productions for the Walt Disney Company, the series stars Carolina Domenech, El Purre, Clara Alonso, Kevsho, Emilia Mernes, Elena Roger and more.

High school-aged Allegra has one goal in life, to be cast as the leading actress in Freaky Friday and become a part of the Eleven O’Clock music hall company. Unfortunately, her mother Caterina is extremely against it, and also refuses to tell her daughter why.

Allegra has a feeling it may have to do with her mother hating her well-known, musical star grandmother – but none of it makes any sense.

One day Allegra stumbles upon a hidden bracelet that turns out to be magical and brings her back to the year of 1994, when her mother was her age- and also shockingly a part of Eleven O’Clock! 

Allegra continues to flash back and forth between the past and the present, soon learning she cannot control it and the bracelet will not come off until all the loops disappear. 

The more Allegra learns, or grows in a way, the more loops begin to disappear. Sadly for her, the more she goes back to the past, the more she likes it there- finding a boyfriend, achieving her dreams and even getting to know her family better. 

She has been warned, the past cannot be changed and she must leave alone. Allegra must be smart, but her emotions are becoming unpredictable… Will Allegra listen or will she try to change the past? Will she find out enough information to reconnect her family and change her mother’s decision, or will things remain the same as pre-bracelet?

INTERTWINED has a predominately Romantic worldview as characters are controlled by their hearts and emotions completely, giving the “follow your heart” type impression. Characters are willing to do just about anything to achieve their dreams, even if it means others get hurt. There is a magical bracelet but it doesn’t seem to be anything spiritual, only related to time travel. There are also redeeming moral qualities such as love, family, sacrifice, and forgiveness.

There are no obscenities in the series, at least none in the English language, but there are a handful of profanities including “Oh God” or “Oh my God” if translated perfectly. 

The violence depicted includes pushing, fighting one another, a lot of falling, a sword being swung towards someone, trying to run out of a building on fire, etc. The worst of it might be the seconds before a car crash and seeing the injured mother.

No nudity, no sexual content, no smoking or drugs but there is some brief alcohol use. An underage girl steals some of an adult’s alcohol and gets pretty drunk. Miscellaneous immorality might include lying, sneaking around, and sabotage with bad intent. There is also a great deal of parent/child conflict with harsh talking back and forth.

The production value of INTERTWINED was attention grabbing. The script was well written and not too cheesy, even for a children’s comedy-drama. The colors are vivid, the filming is beautiful, and each different location is gorgeous for its own reasons. The show keeps viewers wanting more and wondering what will happen next!

INTERTWINED presents a mainly Romantic worldview displaying characters who “follow their hearts” and emotions wherever it takes them, even if they know they shouldn’t or they must hurt other people along the way. There is a magical bracelet but it appears only to time travel and not as something spiritual. There are endless redeeming moral qualities including love, sacrifice, family, forgiveness, and more. Great conflict surrounds parents and children not wanting the same thing and fighting because of it. Due to some minor questionable elements, discernment is required for older children and teenagers.