Missy Robertson On Taking In Newborn Baby: ‘God’s Plan Is Far Greater Than We Can Imagine’

Photo from Missy Robertson’s Instagram

Missy Robertson On Taking In Newborn Baby: ‘God’s Plan Is Far Greater Than We Can Imagine’

By Movieguide® Staff

Missy Robertson and her husband Jase Robertson recently announced that they took in a baby boy, saying yes to God despite their newly minted status as grandparents.  

Movieguide® previously reported

DUCK DYNASTY’s Jase and Missy Robertson recently welcomed a 2-day-old baby boy into their home. 

“We don’t know what his future looks like, but we are trusting that the Lord will guide our steps, guide his mother’s heart and surround him with a protective hedge of angels all of his life. Our friends and family are amazing! He is being loved on, showered with gifts and being prayed over 24/7. He is a gift. How long he will be in our care we do not know. We trust the Lord has him in His hands. We feel blessed to stand in the gap.”

In a follow-up post, Missy confessed that the Robertson home was crazy but full of love for the newborn. 

“Taking in an additional human into our home and our heart is nothing we ever prepared for, but God’s plan is far greater than we can ever ask or imagine,” Missy wrote on Instagram. “[Jase] and I are grateful to our ‘village’ for the overwhelming hands-on love poured on this sweet baby! Bottles, diapers, long hours, projectile spit-up😂…he has been pure sweetness!

“These pics show a serving heart (@kat_bark) filling our gaps and Jase sacrificing his adult coffee center for ‘baby ground zero’. What these pics don’t show are my family’s material gifts of emergency car seats and bassinette, etc., and my neighbor (@katybolls) running over last minute in her bare feet to snuggle him more than once (amazing!!!!!) while I promote my children’s book on news shows and radio programs,” she continued. “This new life was not part of anyone’s plan. But God! Little Nugget has been nothing but a blessing! Wow, what servant hearts we are blessed with in our lives and what an amazing God we all serve. Thank you ALL for the prayers and support. Every life is worth it! Our village is tired but in love ♥️.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Missy’s new book, “Because You’re My Family”:

In Missy’s new book, “Because You’re My Family,” she reflects on God’s family. 

“The book talks about parents loving a child, but the last [few] weeks the Lord has probed me more to even think about it being outside the family — the family of God,” she said. “And this girl, Jase baptized her a couple of years ago and Phil preached the Gospel to her, read Scriptures to her in his living room and I tried to show Jesus to her on almost a daily basis. And when this happened, she thought of us.”