Church Music Director Says ‘God Gets All The Glory’ For Successful AMERICAN IDOL Audition

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Church Music Director Says ‘God Gets All The Glory’ For Successful AMERICAN IDOL Audition

By Movieguide® Contributor

Church music director Tobias Hill gave glory to God through his AMERICAN IDOL audition earlier this week, with his rousing performance getting him through to the Hollywood round. 

“God gets all the glory,” Hill wrote in an Instagram caption promoting the latest episode of the show. 

Hill auditioned with the Stevie Wonder song, “Knocks Me Off My Feet,” accompanying himself on the piano while he sang. The music director for Celebration Church Franklin’s impressive performance earned him “yes” votes from all three judges. 

“I think you’re going to have to get a sub,” judge Katy Perry told Hill, referring to his job as a music teacher at Southampton Middle and High School. “It’s time to become the student once again.”

Hill is not the only AMERICAN IDOL contestant who is professing their love of God. Movieguide® previously reported on country music star hopeful Luke Taylor:

Aspiring country music singer Luke Taylor has nearly 2 million followers on TikTok and caught the eye of AMERICAN IDOL talent scouts.

The Liberty University sophomore, who sings with the School of Music’s Chamber Singers as well as bass in an a cappella group, Shine, took the stage in Nashville late last year and stunned the judges with a rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”

In an article on CBN News, Taylor says, “I want people to be excited for this show. Whether or not it is to see me, it’s not about me. It is for the glory of God. Getting to see that and getting to show that on that show is really awesome, and I hope people get to see that light.”

The invitation, however, was not a guarantee he would advance to the next round. Even before the song begins, judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan are taken aback by Taylor’s deeper-than-bass voice with comparisons to James Earl Jones and Burl Ives. After Bryan announces he’s going to Hollywood for the next step in the competition, he requests Taylor sing “Frosty the Snowman,” to the delight of all.

Taylor acknowledges the source of his singing ability and says, “I’ve never known much about life or what I’m supposed to do with life, but I feel like God presenting this beautiful gift to me is really just a sign that no matter what happens, through the ups and downs, He gave this opportunity to me so I could glorify Him and so that I could share music with the world. This is a really, really cool opportunity.”

Watch Hill’s full audition here: