China Restricts Live Streams After 10 p.m. for Children

Photo from Alejandro Luengo via Unsplash

China Restricts Live Streams After 10 p.m. for Children

By Movieguide® Staff

China cracked down on live streams for anyone 18 years old or younger, barring users from watching or hosting the online live videos after 10 p.m.

China’s National Radio and Television Administration confirmed in a recent statement that anyone “underage” needed guardian permission to host live streams, Reuters reported.

Tips or online gift features were restricted for “underage” users and now require guardian permission.

Live stream restrictions are not China’s first effort to regulate young citizens online.

Movieguide® previously reported:

China recently announced a countrywide restriction on the number of hours children are allowed to play video games per week.

A Chinese news agency reported that the National Press and Publication Administration claim that the new rules restrict children 18-years-old and younger from playing online games during the week and only allow for three hours on weekends.

The breakdown also states that online gaming will be restricted from 8 pm to 9 pm for those 18-years-old or younger on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. According to the announcement, additional hours would be allowed for statutory public holidays.

Current regulations note that children can play for 90 minutes a day and three hours on holidays.

Movieguide® also reported on recent censorship by the CCP in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong will now adopt China’s stricter censorship laws regarding its media and entertainment, the South China Morning Post reported.

Under the new rules—which have been submitted to the Film Censorship Ordinance—censorship will affect a much broader selection of movies and shows in Hong Kong and also increase the penalties for any violations.

The move is yet another example of the encroaching Chinese-style Government that seeks to upheave Hong Kong’s history of autonomy, politically and socially.