Tori Kelly Shares Her Favorite Psalm: ‘I Just Love That Visual Of Having A Safe Place’

Tori Kelly Shares Her Favorite Psalm: ‘I Just Love That Visual Of Having A Safe Place’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Grammy-winning singer Tori Kelly is encouraging young people to find acceptance in God’s Word, rather than social media. 

“Personally speaking, that has helped me to make sure I’m grounded in truth, in reminding myself who I am,” Kelly said . “I’m loved by God… listening to who He says that I am instead of what the world says, which is very hard to do, and something that I struggle with as well. We’re all in this together. We’re all figuring it out.”

She continued, “It’s already hard enough without social media, dealing with comparisons and just life. But then the added pressure of the internet and comparing yourself to things that aren’t always even real. It’s not always even an accurate picture of real life.”

Kelly also shared a Bible verse that brings her comfort: “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart” Psalm 91:4. 

“I just love that visual of having a safe place, having this place of refuge when the world is crazy,” Kelly said. “Just having that kind of peace to know, ‘Okay, I can have this quiet time and it’s just me and God, and I can get my head right and my soul right and then kind of go back out and do my thing.'”

Movieguide® previously reported on Kelly’s statements about her faith:

Grammy-winning singer Tori Kelly, who has achieved widespread success in the secular and faith-based music worlds, believes prayer and the Bible are essential, calling regular scripture reading “crucial” to her walk with God.

Kelly, 26, shared her spiritual journey and Christian beliefs in a recent interview with YouVersion, explaining her upbringing and the details of her journey toward making her faith her own.

“My faith is everything to me. I did grow up in the church, but maybe like some other people who grow up in the church, you kind of get to a point where your faith really becomes your own, and it’s not about what your parents say, or what they believe” she said. “But, it’s really like, ‘Oh no, this is real to me. I have experienced the presence of God, and I know that this is my own faith.’”