HGTV’s Jenny Marrs’ Latest Project Aims to Break the Cycle of Extreme Poverty Around the World

Photo from Jenny Marrs’ Instagram

HGTV’s Jenny Marrs’ Latest Project Aims to Break the Cycle of Extreme Poverty Around the World

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent Instagram post, FIXER TO FABULOUS star Jenny Marrs shared a personal story about the blueberry farm that she and her family work on in their spare time ahead of Berry Fest. 

Her caption reads: 

About nine years ago, we had a crazy idea to plant a blueberry farm. We weren’t farmers and planting 1,500 blueberry plants in the ground felt overwhelming. Yet, we knew it could work. We knew we could create a place where our community could gather and laughter could echo across the fields. And, most importantly, we could fund the work our hearts are passionate about: empowering at-risk youth, resourcing families in order to prevent orphans and breaking the cycle of extreme poverty around the globe.

The first couple of years after planting, we simply had to wait. We picked weeds. We pulled blooms. We cultivated the plants. 

And, we waited. 

Then, finally, on year three, it was time. We announced the big launch of The Berry Farm and planned a celebratory u-pick day in the fields.

We woke up on the morning of the very first u-pick and saw that an overnight storm had destroyed our crop. 

Defeated, we cancelled the u-pick.

A week or so later, we had enough ripe berries to try again. We sent out word to everyone we knew: this is it! It’s time to gather together in the fields to pick blueberries! And, the morning of the scheduled u-pick, we checked the fields and found that our crop had been eaten already: birds.

At the end of that first harvest, we felt pretty defeated. However, after years of hard work, perseverance, and so, so many friends linking arms with us over the years to help with the work, our blueberries are abundant and we are about to welcome new and old friends back to the fields.

We have one more day left of ticket sales for Berry Fest. We would love for you to be here, friends. The link to get tickets is in my profile. See you in a few days! 

Berry Fest will take place June 17 and 18 at The Berry Farm in Bentonville, Arkansas. All proceeds will be donated to Help One Now

Movieguide® previously reported on the Marrs’ family berry farm:

FIXER TO FABULOUS star Jenny Marrs recently shared a sweet video of her family spending time on their farm, from picking blueberries to taking care of their cows. 

“Checking the fields each evening, pulling weeds, and picking berries has been the framework for our kiddo’s summers for the past seven years,” Jenny shared. “They jump in and work right alongside us. It’s a beautiful privilege to be able to work as a family to create delicious food and to cultivate a space for our community to gather and experience a slice of farm life.”

The Marrs family owns The Berry Farm in Bentonville, Arkansas, a pick-your-own blueberry farm that donates all proceeds to Help One Now.