Colton Dixon Celebrates No. 1 Song ‘Build A Boat’: ‘Grateful Is The Understatement of The Year’

Photo from Colton Dixon’s Instagram

Colton Dixon Celebrates No. 1 Song ‘Build a Boat’: ‘Grateful Is The Understatement of The Year’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian artist Colton Dixon’s latest song, “Build a Boat,” is set to be one of his biggest hits yet. In a recent interview, he looks back at the long road he took to get to where he is today. 

Dixon was shy when it came to singing as a teen. At a piano recital, where he was playing MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine,” his teacher encouraged him to sing along. 

“That was the first time I felt the Holy Spirit just kind of show me what the future could look like. And I knew that that’s what I wanted to be a part of,” Dixon shared.

He went on to appear on AMERICAN IDOL and made it to the Top 7, impressing viewers with his performances of songs like “Everything,” “Piano Man,” and “September.”

After leaving the singing reality show, Dixon released his debut album, A Messenger. He also performed at the Movieguide® Awards Gala and Entertainment Industry.

His latest single, “Build a Boat,” tells the story of Noah and his ark. Dixon was inspired to write it after revisiting the story and realizing how much courage he had to start building the ark before there was any rain. 

“When Noah was telling people, ‘Hey, God spoke to me and said that a flood was coming,’ there’s no way people in their right mind took him seriously,” Dixon explained. “How often do we let other people dictate our future? We believe what they say more than what God says.”

“Build a Boat” already has over 2 million streams, and his manager says it could be his “career song.”

It has also been at No. 1 on the Christian Adult Contemporary charts for the last four weeks, and Dixon made his Grand Ole Opry debut with a performance of “Build a Boat.”

“Grateful is like the understatement of the year,” said Dixon. “I’m so glad that people are taking this song as their song for this season, saying, ‘I’m believing in something. I don’t see it yet, but I’m gonna build the boat anyway.’”

Movieguide® previously reported on the origins of “Build a Boat”:

The song, which Dixon released in April 2022, takes a unique look at the flood story in the Bible, showing Noah’s faith from Noah’s perspective.

“What I think Hollywood can get wrong sometimes about the Noah story is that there was a big struggle back and forth between Noah and God,” he said. “There’s this whole complex of Noah or Evan Almighty if you will, not wanting to do this thing that God’s asked us to do. But the way the Bible tells the story is that God asked Noah to build an ark. And Noah was obedient. That’s it. It’s so simple, so beautiful. Doesn’t mean it was easy, but Noah was obedient.”

“That challenged me in my own faith walk, going, ‘Yeah, you know what, I want to be known as someone who when God asks me to do something big, my response is yes.’ So that was one aspect of the story,” he continued. “Two, Noah and his family are in the middle of this drought. Right. So it would have seemed absolutely crazy. He would have been labeled as insane for building this huge ship. He just made me think of again, the time that we’re in right now, even these last couple years, like it may feel like you’re in a dry season, but you know the promises of God—maybe He is showing you something that’s to come, and it makes zero sense and you have no idea how you’re going to get there.”

However, Dixon challenged listeners to stand firm in their faith and not let fear overcome them in their current season of life.

“I think it’s so important for you to rise up to the occasion to put fear aside and to have faith anyway. Because I think faith is what pleases God. And faith is almost like that key that unlocks God’s ability to get whatever that thing is to you,” he said. “I think there’s like this reward waiting on the other side of crazy faith. Faith is what precedes the miracle. So don’t be afraid to step out. Even if you’re in the middle of a desert and God has asked you to build a boat. It’s like ‘Alright, I’m gonna build a boat, and when that water does come, we’re gonna ride it out together, because you’re with me.’”

“I would just want to encourage anybody, no matter what that season looks like, if you’re in that dry season, to step out and to have faith anyway, because he’s a good God. And whatever He’s promised you it will come to pass. Just don’t give up,” he added.

Dixon also said that people often misinterpret miracles and their reality. For Dixon, he experienced miracles after times of loss and potential fear—but his faith in God overcame his circumstances.

“I think so many people talk about wanting to witness a miracle and of course, they think of these huge spectacles right, like, ‘Man, I would love to witness a miracle.’ But what they maybe don’t think about is, you have to be at a place to need a miracle, which, that is uncomfortable,” he said. “If you’re dependent on a miracle to happen, for you to live or for you to continue on with your job or for your family to stay together, whatever, that’s an uncomfortable place. But again, that’s where faith kicks in.”

“For me in my own life, I mean, I was building a boat when I got dropped on my label, and my wife and I were building a boat in the operating room when one of our twins came out from a C-section, not breathing, not having a pulse,” he added. “So we were believing that God was going to do what He does best, but we were coming with faith and we were expecting Him to do it. We weren’t letting fear overshadow faith. I think that’s the key. I think that pleases God. It makes Him happy that his kids are latching on to what He’s telling us.”