Jordan St. Cyr Establishes Himself in US: ‘God is Faithful’

Photo from Jordan St. Cyr’s Instagram

Jordan St. Cyr Establishes Himself in US: ‘God Is Faithful’

By Movieguide® Staff

Christian artist Jordan St. Cyr continues to establish himself in the United States after the Canadian-born artist recently moved from his home country.

However, with the release of his 2020 single, “Fire,” St. Cyr is already making a name for himself in America.

“You know, I started music in my youth group. I came from a very small town of about 1,200 people. Worship was just this language I felt God gave me as a young person to just get it out,” the singer told CBN in a recent interview about his career in music.

“Did the singer-songwriter thing. Had a six-year stint playing in bars and clubs with my rock band, then kind of shifted into more of like a folk Americana. We did a couple of albums like that, and this whole time I was a worship leader,” St. Cyr continued. “You know, so we’d play like one in the morning sets at the bar and again, just trying to be who God called me to be in that scenario, and then go lead worship and be at the church at 7 in the morning.

“I knew in that season, while it wasn’t like this, you know, successful season, it was the grind. But it was the grind for my spirit, my soul of God revealing these are my people, wherever you are. These are my people all looking for me,” he added.

Another one of his popular songs, “Weary Traveler,” is inspired by God’s Word and his wife, Tracey.

“The song was written at the height of the pandemic,” he explained. “We didn’t know it was the height. But it was like we had just kind of reached that peak. And again, what’s it like? Where do we land as believers? Jesus, His heart for us is available 24/7, and the song was inspired by Jesus saying, come to me all you who are weary, and burdens and I will give you rest.

“I think that was our little time out that God gave us for the pandemic'” he added. “God is like, ‘Hey guys, just remember, I’m right here. Come to me.’ And it was a moment that we couldn’t deny. For me, as an individual, being on the road, my wife at home with our four kids, our youngest with a chronic illness, it was my wife that really was the inspiration for me. She was the weary traveler. I think a lot of mothers feel that way. The weight of this world just hits them differently.”

St. Cyr said that he and is family try to make their decisions based on the truth that is in them and not on their own desires.

“As believers, as a married couple, as parents of four kids, we’re going to lead our hearts with the truth that no matter what comes our way, even when we don’t feel like I see God moving or I feel like the world, you know, looks like it’s just heading in such a worse direction,” he said.

“I’m going to stand on this truth that God is faithful and that His faithfulness, His goodness, His mercy is just as good today as it was yesterday,” he continued. “So, I can trust in that. I can trust in that. I stand on that truth that no matter what, God, you are faithful.”

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