DUCK FAMILY TREASURES, Debuts on Fox Business: ‘There’s More to Come’

Photo from Jase Robertson’s Instagram

DUCK FAMILY TREASURES, Debuts on Fox Business: ‘There’s More to Come’

By Movieguide® Staff

The Robertson family, best known for their series DUCK DYNASTY, is back with an all-new show, DUCK FAMILY TREASURES!

The new series, which will air on Fox Business Prime, began filming in June and focuses on the families treasure hunting efforts with the help of Uncle Si and treasure-hunting expert Murry Crowe.

“We’re filming more episodes, there’s more to come,” Jase Robertson, son of Phil Robertson, said on a recent VARNEY & CO segment.

“My favorite one was we found a thousand-year-old meteorite that was seven feet deep in the ground. That was cool,” his brother, Jep, added.

So far, the meteorite was their most lucrative find, valued at around $50,000.

“It was actually called a pallasite,” Jase said of the rock. “It’s the rarest metal on earth because it’s from outer space.”

The brothers previously spoke about their love of metal directing, which gave them ideas about a new show focussing on treasure-hunting.

“I got introduced to metal detecting and I introduced Jep – who’s kind of a rookie in our outfit – and we have found an incredible amount of stuff…” Jase explained.

“Along the way, I learned that [treasure hunting] was more about the people you were with instead of actually what we were finding, and the next thing you know, we’re doing a TV show about it,” he continued.

“[We’re looking for] cool, historic places. We’ve found stuff [that is] thousands of years old… but we look for all kinds of stuff – just whatever we think is cool,” Jep added.

The first season of DUCK FAMILY TREASURES debuted on the Fox Business Network on Oct. 20 and will air weekly on Thursday nights at 8 pm ET.

Movieguide® has yet to review DUCK FAMILY TREASURES, but hopes that it mirrors DUCK DYNASTY, which championed faith and family.