Kirk Cameron Goes Behind The Scenes of LIFEMARK With Directors Alex and Stephen Kendrick

Photo via Alex Kendrick’s Instagram

Kirk Cameron Goes Behind The Scenes of LIFEMARK With Directors Alex and Stephen Kendrick

By Movieguide® Staff

Award-winning directors Alex and Stephen Kendrick recently sat with actor Kirk Cameron to discuss their reunion on their new, faith-filled movie, LIFEMARK.

The directing duo previously worked with Cameron on FIREPROOF. Fourteen years later, they created another movie together about the hope of adoption and the sanctity of life.

Part of Movieguide®’s review of LIFEMARK reads:

LIFEMARK is a faith-based drama about an 18-year-old teenager, David, who has tried to hide the fact he’s adopted until his a biological parents try to contact him. One day, David comes home, and his parents who raised him tell him his biological mother wants to meet him. Deciding to meet his birth mother, David hears from his biological father and must decide if he would like to meet him as well. Will David be able to be open with them and listen to what they have to say about giving him up for adoption?

LIFEMARK is a well-made, heartwarming, inspiring movie produced by the Kendrick Brothers and Kirk Cameron, who also stars. The movie is solid throughout, with a positive Christian worldview. The movie promotes relying on God, believing God’s plan, forgiveness, and loving others. There’s also a beautiful pro-life message about adoption, giving life and the value of life. Don’t let the PG-13 rating stop you from seeing this movie. The movie’s themes about abortion and pro-life issues are the reason the Hollywood elites are giving LIFEMARK such a tough rating.

Despite the timing of LIFEMARK, the Kendrick brothers said that they had no way of planning it so that their movie about life and adoption would release just after the decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe V. Wade.

“The Holy Spirit prompts us to do things that don’t make sense at the time but then we look back in the rear view mirror and we realize how perfect the Lord’s timing is with all of this,” Stephen told Cameron on the TAKEAWAYS show. “We were already passionate about life and supporting the unborn. It’s very biblical that God molds us together in our mother’s womb.”

“It says in Jeremiah, ‘He knows us before we’re even born,’ and I think about Proverbs chapter six, ‘He hates hands that shed innocent blood. Proverbs 31 says we should speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. Those that are destined for destruction we need to rise up and defend them,” he added.

The brothers noted that the movie is more about the hope that adoption provides newly born babies as opposed to the horrors of abortion.

“We’re passionate about the issue of adoption as well,” Stephen explained. “What alex and i do with every film is we will go into a season of prayer… [The Lord] usually directs us in a new direction that we were not expecting. He gives us a peace about it there’s confirmation in scripture and in the circumstances. We’ve moved forward by faith since 2019 having no idea what was about to happen.”

Alex added that as more states push back on abortion laws, adoption will become a flourishing mission field for Christians.

“The line to adopt children is very long,” he said. “Most people don’t realize how many people would love to adopt a child and so we see these two things coming together; yes Roe V. Wade was overturned and yes, work has to be done at the state level as well. Churches are going to have opportunities to step up but the adoption ministry is going to explode and we’re excited about that.”

Cameron, who stars as the adoptive father in LIFEMARK, noted that the Kendrick brother’s movie set functions with a focus on prayer and Christ, a far cry from the standard, cutthroat Hollywood set.

“We weren’t trained in Hollywood, we didn’t grow up on Hollywood sets so we didn’t know any different,” Stephen explained. “We grew up in ministry and we’ve been in church work, working with volunteers in an environment of unity, love, prayer, focusing in on kingdom causes. That’s what we translated onto our film sets and so we want to create an environment where we’re all working together [and where] everybody’s loved and valued in their giftedness.”

“Whether it’s the lead actor or it’s the PA person bringing water to the set, everybody’s important,” he continued. “We know that God is going to get the glory and so what we try to do is create an environment where we’re praying together, we are on the same vision together and everybody is walking in respect and love towards one another.

“People will come off the Hollywood sets and they’ll come on our movie sets and they’re like, ‘This is crazy, you know, because I’m so used to an environment where it’s kind of cutthroat and we don’t even know why we’re here or what the movie we’re working on… I’m just here for a paycheck,” he added. “‘Now I feel like I’m a part of a family of close-knit people who love one another.’ When you plug love into how you operate as a leader it affects how you treat everybody from the top to the bottom.”