Practical Spiritual Insight 

Quality: * * * *     Acceptability: +4

Language: None

Violence: None

Sex: None

Nudity: None

WRITER: Rachel Aboukhair

PUBLISHER: New Chapter Publisher

CONTENT: (CCC, BBB, M) Very strong Christian, biblical, moral worldview dealing with overcoming selfishness with all of its negative effects on relationships; and, nothing objectionable.

GENRE: Humor

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Teenagers of all ages


REVIEW: THE GRUMPY GIRL’S GUIDE TO GOOD MANNERS is laugh-out-loud delightful! Many people send MOVIEGUIDE® books, usually because they want to turn it into a movie. Our office is overflowing with these unrequested gifts. So, every gift is viewed with trepidation.

On a plane, I started reading THE GRUMPY GIRL’S GUIDE TO GOOD MANNERS by the 16-year-old author, Rachel Aboukhair, and I could not put it down. Rachel is very aware of all the problems that teenage young people face. She understands the limitations of egotism, and she overcomes such selfishness through delightful humor.

This book is a guide to good manners, but unlike previous books written on the topic, it is written from a wonderful, self-aware point of view of a person who becomes an overcomer. What is she overcoming? She’s overcoming her own limitations, and she’s doing it with humor, zest and zeal.

THE GRUMPY GIRL’S GUIDE TO GOOD MANNERS is a wonderful book and highly recommended for teenagers especially.

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