Clever Leftist TV Producer Norman Lear Dies at 101

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Clever Leftist TV Producer Norman Lear Dies at 101

By Movieguide® Staff

Norman Lear, socialist humanist activist and producer and creator of popular 1970s Neo-Marxist television programs such as ALL IN THE FAMILY, MAUDE and THE JEFFERSONS, died Tuesday at his home in Los Angeles at 101.

Lear and his team of writers deliberately made sure that programs like ALL IN THE FAMILY used humor, ridicule and slander to mock Bible-believing Christians and conservatives, usually white males, by making them look as bigoted, racist, anti-woman, hateful, narrow-minded, ignorant, and stupid as possible.

This is a well-known tactic of Marxist-socialist, communist activists like Saul Alinsky.

Although Lear denied he was some kind of Marxist atheist, he also was a staunch anti-anti-communist and supported socialist welfare programs, internationalism, anti-capitalism radical feminism and environmentalism, and the destruction of the traditional family, including normalcy of radical homosexual, bisexual and transgender behavior. All of these issues became prominent topics in Lear’s TV programs.

Also, at one point, Lear and some of his closest friends in Hollywood backed the pro-communist, anti-capitalist magazine THE NATION to keep it financially afloat when it was struggling.

Lear also founded in 1980 the Anti-Christian group People for the American Way, a secular political activist group supporting the elimination of any religious influence on politics, including public prayer, but especially any influence by Bible-believing Christian evangelicals.

To understand where Lear was coming from, the following quote may be instructive:

“I don’t like prayer, per se. I like gratitude. So, I don’t care where the prayers are coming from, and I don’t disapprove. Just keep them out of my face, and keep them out of the public square,” (Jewish Journal, Dec. 17, 2014).

This attitude is, of course, destructive of religious liberty, although Lear says he supports religious liberty.

People for the American Way is, or has been, supported by many like-minded socialists and atheists, including many prominent Democrat Party officials, but it’s also supported by pro-socialist, anti-capitalist Christian heretics like Jim Wallis of Sojourners.

Lear is survived by his third wife, Producer Lyn Davies, six children, and four grandchildren.

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