Should Advocates Follow the Science?

Art by Milad Fakurian via Unsplash

Should Advocates Follow the Science?

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

I’ve been teaching media wisdom since the 1970s when I was head of the TV Center at the City University of New York. More than 60 professors, including me, got together to develop the first media literacy course.

All the evidence at that time and growing research on maturation, brain development, cognitive development shows that children, including young adults, do not develop wise decision-making processes until they’re 20. That’s why, even in their early 20s, they’re often reckless and pay no attention to the consequences of their actions.

Recently, however, a new pseudo-science proclaims that young children, not just older teenagers, are able to change their gender, with some people suggesting it can happen even in the womb. Some of the “experts” behind this transgender pseudo-science point to such behavior like little boys crying when their father takes them to get their first haircut or little girls enjoying playing with toy trucks as much as playing with baby dolls. Most people with common sense would laugh at these absurdities and assume they’re just a temporary cultural aberration, like the flat earth society.

The problem is that this recent transgender fad contradicts thousands of research studies over the years on brain development and cognitive development. Those studies are the reason for the drinking laws at the age of 21 and drivers’ licenses being in the later teenagers, much to the chagrin of young adults.

So, the question is, should schools, government and other institutions reject the science and go with these patently absurd, pseudo-scientific conclusions? Or, should we return to sense and sensibility?

MOVIEGUIDE®’s whole premise for content analysis and the 150 criteria we use to analyze movies is based on the research, not on opinions. This new cult-like cultural aberration is destroying families and will eventually develop into cultural suicide. It’s just plain wrong. And, it looks like child abuse to us.

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