Passing Fad or Cultural Revolution?

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Passing Fad or Cultural Revolution?

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

The entertainment and news media have become infatuated with so-called diversity, which has led to some outlandish movies that have been box office failures and strange news reports that can’t even define a woman. Many people put up with this because they think it’s a passing fad, but unfortunately, it represents the Marxist destruction of culture started by Gramsci and codified by Herbert Marcuse. Karl Marx and other groups like the Jacobeans in France, who instituted the horrors of the French Revolution, believed you couldn’t establish a socialist society without abolishing five institutions. Even our current President has echoed this language.

Let’s look at those briefly from a biblical point of view.

In “The Communist Manifesto,” Marx calls first to abolish private property. The commandments in the Bible, however, defend private property and condemn those who will steal and kill for it, including King Ahab for Israel, who killed Naboth because he wanted Naboth’s vineyard. Thou shalt not steal protects the not-so-powerful individual not only from thieves but also from mobs, public and private tyranny and from greedy government officials who have the power to steal with impunity, as Lenin, Stalin and Mao did.

Marx next calls for the abolition of individuality and freedom. The horrors of genital mutilation on young children and the condemning of people to fit a mass understanding of who they are limits their freedom to be who they are and whom God designed them to be. It also forces them into a false reality, which often leads to suicide, the ultimate stealing of their freedom.

Next is the abolition of family, but God not only designed the family, He also sent Hs only begotten son and He honors the family through a His Word Written, the Bible. He protects the family by calling for the respect of marital relations and condemning adultery and other aspects of immorality. The breakdown of the family has caused great harm, not only to African Americans but also to all racial groups, because of absent fathers, since fathers are essential to the rearing of healthy children.

The next is to abolish countries and nationalities. God says He designs the nations and, by the way, the tribes. People get upset when a native community gets destroyed, such as the tribe in Brazil that was poisoned, with the world’s loneliest man who was the last member of the tribe dying recently mentioned through the news media, and the attack on Ukraine by Russia. However, these radical leftists have no problem destroying the centuries-old Christian culture of the British Isles, the United States or Western Civilization.

Finally, Marx calls the for abolishment of “eternal truths, all religion and all morality.” This silliness with extremely destructive consequences has even invaded some mainline denominations and churches, with the majority of pastors adopting a relativistic position toward truth and morality, and some toward religion. The more you study religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, the more you realize how different they are and how some are extremely destructive, whereas Christianity is the only religion where to be a real Christian, you have to show the Fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Marx early on in his life dedicated himself to Satan. Many of his most significant followers have done the same, including Howard Zinn, who has corrupted a whole generation of scholars and millions of high school and college students.

Sadly, the entertainment and news media’s dubious, disruptive and divisive approach to “diversity” is not a passing fad but an attack on humanity, an attack which needs to be recognized, confronted and rejected with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

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