10 Movie Fun Facts You Might Not Know

10 Movie Fun Facts You Might Not Know

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

  1. The ruby slippers from THE WIZARD OF OZ were stolen

“Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore….” The ruby slippers from this iconic movie were on display at the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan until they were stolen in 2005. The FBI along Garland’s family spearheaded a hunt for the shoes in 2017. After many searches and publicized reward money for their safe return, the original Garland shoes were found in July 2018.

  1. MARLEY AND ME used 22 dogs

The book turned movie by author John Grogan, follows a family with their beloved yellow lab Marley. The 2008 movie shows Marley from a puppy all the way to a geriatric lab. This required some problem solving for filmmakers because dogs of similar features had to look convincing to an audience. To accomplish this, the production team used 22 different Marleys.

  1. The shark in FINDING NEMO is named after the shark from JAWS

When Steven Spielberg was making JAWS, he named the problematic shark Bruce after his lawyer. In homage to the renown director, Pixar named their title shark, Bruce.

  1. THE COMMANDMENTS filmed the parting of the Red Sea scene in a parking lot

This is a textbook case of Hollywood magic. The pivotal scene in Charlton Heston’s TEN COMMANDMENT was actually filmed in a studio parking lot. The lot was marked off and filled with thousands of gallons of water to create the illusion that the cast was going through the water.

  1. Donald Trump was in HOME ALONE 2

Before becoming President of the U.S., Trump had a brief cameo in HOME ALONE 2. In this installment of the holiday movies, Kevin accidentally travels to NYC where he bumps into Trump in the Plaza Hotel lobby.

  1. John Ratzenberg is in every Pixar movie

The Underminer, Hamm and Nemo’s school teacher are just a few of this actor’s Pixar credits. Since his first project with the Disney-affiliated animation company, Ratzenberg has lent his talents to a slew of characters. Now that you know, you’ll begin to recognize his voice in the future! Also, Ratzenberg is a longtime friend of Movieguide®!

  1. Julie Andrews almost wasn’t Maria in THE SOUND OF MUSIC

As the success of MARY POPPINS catapulted Andrews’ career, the actress/singer was asked to star in Rogers’ and Hammerstein’s new musical. Just a year after MARY POPPINS, Andrews’ was hesitant to do another family-friendly musical because she didn’t want to be type-casted for future role considerations. Thankfully, she did say yes. Can you even imagine another actress as Maria?

  1. Maureen O’ Hara broke her hand while filming A QUIET MAN

John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara were the stars of John Ford’s 1959 movie A QUIET MAN. In the final moments of the movie, O’Hara character gets so angry with Wayne that she slaps him across the face. During that scene, O’Hara broke her hand from the impact. Guess that goes to show that slapping has consequences….

  1. E.T.’s obsession with Reeses Pieces was almost M&M’s

In the classic movie, product placement was a big factor in choosing what candy the alien, E.T. would eat on screen. Originally, filmmakers wanted to use M&M’s as the title candy but, the Mars company was apprehensive about being attached to a movie about an alien. Instead, E.T. opted for Reese’s Pieces which because of the success of the movie, made this candy’s sales skyrocket.

  1. Founder and Publisher of Movieguide®, Dr. Ted Baehr’s parents were Hollywood stars

Dr. Ted Baehr has a personal affiliation with Hollywood which propels the ministry of Movieguide®. In the Golden Age of Hollywood, Evelyn Baehr and Bob “Tex” Allen starred in both Broadway and major movies like LAW BEYOND THE RANGE and MEET THE GIRLS.