17 Cutest Cats in Movies




17 Cutest Cats in Movies

By Evy Baehr, Executive Managing Editor  


1. Hello, Simba is clearly number one cute.


Simba from lion king

Movie: Lion King


2. Monty from Stuart Little makes clumsy look cute.


Monty_ stuart Little

Movie: Stuart Little


3. Garfield, it’s all about that fluff.



Movie: Garfield


4. Lucifer, he’s a cute kitty even if he isn’t purrfect.


Lucifer, Cinderella

Movie: Cinderella


5. Let’s face it, the Aristocats are the stars of their own movie for a reason.


the Aristocats

Movie: the Aristocats


6. Hard to be cuter than Milo.


Milo from Milo and Otis

Movie: Milo and Otis


7. Si and Am’s cuteness gets them places.


Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp

Movie: The Lady and the Tramp


8. It’s for sure, you would never want to lose Sassie. 



Movie: Homeward Bound


 9. If wishes were horses we would be able to keep these guys, Sangha & Kumal, as pets.



Movie: Two Brothers


10. Azrael is a trouble-maker, but just so cute. 



Movie: The Smurfs


11. Aslan has looks and wisdom, the whole package really. 


Aslan_ narnia



12. Mittens the Cat, come on, so darling.



Movie: Bolt


13. Figaro’s cuteness spans history.



Movie: Pinnoccio


14. Puss has those eyes…can’t deny those eyes…



Movie: Puss in Boots



15. Snowbell, just  look at that mane. 


Snowbell_ stuart-little-9

Movie: Stuart Little


16. Alex is so cute he’s helped create a franchise.



Movie: Madagascar


17. Bonus hour: Rufus is loving and cute.


Rufus, the rescuers

Movie: The Rescuers

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