2009 Study: Regular Bible Study Reduces Sinful Behavior


A 2009 study by the Center for Bible Engagement in Lincoln, Nebraska shows that American Christians who read or listen to the Bible four to seven days a week are much less likely to have violent or destructive thoughts, get drunk, have affairs, engage in pornography, or gamble than those who read or listen to the Bible zero to three days per week.

The CBE’s study includes several different surveys with well over 40,000 American Christians from ages 13 to 80.

Regrettably, the study also showed that nearly two-thirds, 65.1%, of those Americans claiming to be Christian said they have no time to read the Bible on their own.

The CBE said it is developing several products and programs to “help people stay engaged in God’s Word.”

– Source: Center for Bible Engagement, January 2009.