2011 R-rated Success Reports are Misleading

The Wrap (A popular Entertainment Industry website) claims that the “success” of BRIDESMAIDS will create a whole new genre of R-rated “gross-out women’s comedy.” BRIDESMAIDS brought in $169 million.

THE BLIND SIDE brought in $256 million. Where is the talk of a new genre for inspirational Christian women?

The truth is that even with the success this year of THE HANGOVER 2 and BRIDESMAIDS only three of the top twenty moves were R-rated.

It’s not because so few were made. Forty-seven percent of the 2011 movies rated by the MPAA were given an R-rating. By this ratio, you’d expect five of the top ten to be R-rated. There was only one.

R-rated movies generated 23 percent of domestic box office with 47 percent of the movies made. That is hardly a recipe for success.

Sony’s R-rated romantic comedy HOW DO YOU KNOW reportedly cost $120 million and made $30 million in domestic box office. Universal’s R-rated comedy THE CHANGE UP cost $52 million and made $37 million. 20th Century Fox’s R-rated chick comedy WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER? cost $20 million and made $14 million. We could go on. Many of the losers even included popular stars.

COURAGEOUS, which had ample comedy, along with a profound Christian message, cost $2 million to make and has made over $33 million so far. Sherwood Pictures in Albany, Georgia has created a new genre and has had success after success making movies in that genre. Why aren’t the top Hollywood executives more excited about making their own movies in this very profitable genre?

Could it be that there are some audience groups the Wrap would prefer that the major Entertainment Industry studios would serve more than others?

Is there a female audience for gross-out chick flicks? Yes, there is, a modest one.

Is there a female audience for entertaining movies featuring inspirational Christian women? Yes, a much larger one.

In 2010, the Blu-ray release of THE SOUND OF MUSIC sold 225,000 copies in its first week.

Consider any town in America. Do you think there will be more foul-mouthed, bar hopping women or more dignified women who regularly attend church? If the Wrap convinces Hollywood Entertainment Industry executives to only get excited about serving the bar hoppers, then movies will continue to underperform at the box office.

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