4 Family-Friendly Movies We’d Love to See Remade for Modern Audiences


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4 Family-Friendly Movies We’d Love to See Remade for Modern Audiences

By Jessie McGriff, Contributing Writer


THE SOUND OF MUSIC is a 1965 movie set in Austria during World War II about a young nun who becomes a governess for a widower with seven children. The nun falls in love with the father and marries him, leaving abbey life behind. Updating THE SOUND OF MUSIC for a whole new generation would be an amazing opportunity to show people that moral, family-friendly entertainment still exists. The movie supports values like family, love and the power of song.



IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE IS a 1946 movie about George Bailey, who misplaced money at the bank for a building loan. George realizes that he can have charges brought against him, and he contemplates throwing himself over a bridge until an angel appears and shows George what life would be like if he were never born. The message of the movie will always be relevant because it emphasizes how every life is valuable. Everyone needs each other. If someone died, family and friends they left behind would feel the emptiness of life without him.



THE TEN COMMANDMENTS is a 1956 movie that chronicles the life of Moses from the book of Exodus.Because the movie was released more than 60 years ago, the special effects are outdated and will not resonate with young people in the modern age. Recreating the movie and using current special-effect techniques would engage more people. Revamping the movie would generate more interest and excitement for the stories in the Bible.



THE WIZARD OF OZ is a 1939 movie about Dorothy Gale, who gets hit in the head during a tornado and dreams that she enters a magical land called Oz. In Oz, Dorothy goes on a quest with some friends to meet the Great and Powerful Oz to ask him to grant their wishes. Before everyone can get what they want, they must defeat the Wicked Witch of the West. The movie’s main themes are friendship, perseverance and finding courage to destroy the darkness. Dorothy is a character that can relate to all different types of people because we all need friends to encourage us and help us conquer our struggles.

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