4 Helpful Gift Ideas for You This Black Friday

4 Helpful Gift Ideas for You This Black Friday

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

After you’ve had your fill of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, many American’s are jazzed to start celebrating the Christmas season. With this comes a long list of presents and goodies for loved ones, and great way to get the best bang for your buck comes on Black Friday. In order to help you weave out some awesome ideas for your shopping list, we’ve compiled a list below to help….

  1. Streaming Subscription

With more people moving away from cable these days, streaming services are the next best thing when it comes to home entertainment. Gift someone you love with a year-long subscription to a streaming service that caters more to families and Christian audiences, like PureFlix or Christian Cinema. Be sure to tell them about Movieguide® too, so they know what streaming movies are safe to watch for their family.

  1. Board Games

When the holidays roll around, chances are you’ll be surrounded with a ton of family and friends and a great way to get the crowd to bond is through a game. Local department stores like Wal-Mart and HomeGoods always have great Black Friday deals on games during this time.

Here are some fun movie-related movie board games:

  • Scene It? Or Scene It? Jr.
  • Movie Buff
  • Movies Trivia Game
  1. Movie gift basket

If you know a family who would rather skip the busy theater lines over the holidays, this gift is for them! The movie gift basket promotes a cozy night in with your family or spouse that has everything you could possibly need to enjoy a show with the people you love.

What you’ll need:

  • Some type of container, usually a basket or a plastic container
  • Microwavable popcorn of Jiffy Pop
  • Boxed candy **bear in mind allergies
  • Hot chocolate or cider mix
  • DVD/ Blu-Ray of your choice (If you don’t know what movies to get, check out our Top 10 Lists for inspiration!)
  1. Movieguide®’s book bundle

Movieguide® founder Dr. Ted Baehr has a world of insight into the entertainment industry as well as how families should approach the media. This Black Friday, we’re offering a 3-book bundle for some great resources that will inspire you to see how God is present in Hollywood in our culture!

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