5 Lessons Sadie Roberson Huff Has Learned Since Welcoming Daughter

Photo from Sadie Robertson’s Instagram

5 Lessons Sadie Roberson Huff Has Learned Since Welcoming Daughter

By Movieguide® Staff

Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband Christian welcomed their first daughter, Honey, into the world on May 11.

Robertson Huff recently shared the lessons she has learned in her first week as a mother on her Instagram.

“1 week and you’ve officially changed me for the better,” Robertson Huff wrote in a caption below a picture of her and her newborn daughter. “I’ve learned that before I ever get to really teach you a thing you will teach me a million.”

Robertson Huff continued to list five “lessons you have already taught me.”

The former DUCK DYNASTY star started by giving glory to God for his timing in the birth of her daughter.

“The way you came into the world was absolutely everything we prayed for and absolutely nothing we had planned for and that’s the best way it could have been,” Robertson Huff wrote. “If your birth had happened how I ‘planned’ then we wouldn’t had seen what we had prayed. His plan is way better than our own. I love my little chunky miracle.”

Robertson Huff admitted that there were moments of fear but that the experience as a whole has made her more thankful.

“To see a miracle you have to go through a moment of desperation, fear and even pain, but none of those feelings compare to the gratitude of receiving the miracle,” Robertson Huff explained.

Robertson Huff, 23, also noted that giving birth made her appreciate God the ultimate creator.

“My body is much more than an image. It’s a powerful creation that can host and grow a powerful creation,” she said. “If I EVER get tripped up about my body image again it better be me tripping over the fact I’m made in the IMAGE of God!”

Robertson Huff said that she already sings worship music to her daughter.

“My voice is not about the tone or being the best but it’s the thing that makes you feel most at peace so I’ll sing to you forever,” Robertson Huff wrote. “You’re my little worship partner :).”

Lastly, the new mother said that Honey had given her a new purpose to care for and raise Honey.

“Everyday single day I have a purpose. the greatest job in the world – being your mama,” she wrote, concluding: “Thank you Honey for changing my perspective of things already. You are one of a kind… an original. My heart swells when I even think of you and I have thought of you for the past 24/7.”

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