5 Reasons Why Princess Jasmine Makes a Wonderful Role Model For Young Women

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5 Reasons Why Princess Jasmine Makes a Wonderful Role Model For Young Women

By Jessie McGriff, Contributing Writer

With the live-action ALADDIN now on DVD, viewers can watch the character of Princess Jasmine come to life in a new, positive way. Christian actress Naomi Scott brings a fresh depth to the classic princess as she demonstrates loyalty, sacrifice, love, courage, and perseverance. She wants to lead her people to protect them, not because she’s power hungry.

When the audience first meets Jasmine, she’s left the palace for a brief respite from royalty. Behind the castle walls, she’s bound by obligation to marry a prince so he can rule the country. This pains the princess, as she’s the most qualified person to lead Agrabah. Yet, she’s willing to sacrifice her personal happiness in order to save her country.

This is most evident as Jasmine considers marrying the evil Jafar. She’s afraid that if she doesn’t wed him, he will destroy her beloved land. In this action, Jasmine demonstrates sacrifice and love for her people.

That’s not all. Jasmine exemplifies Christ’s call to love one another, and viewers can see this in the way she treats her father, her handmaiden and even Aladdin. Jasmine is very respectful of her father, even if she doesn’t always agree with him. She treats her handmaiden like a friend and not like someone that’s of lower class. As for Aladdin, Jasmine shows him unconditional love, despite the fact that he’s lied to her.

Jasmine displays courage by standing up for herself in the face of adversity.  Through her song, “Speechless,” she declares that she will no longer be silent and will stand up for herself and her people no matter what. In that culture and time period people believed women should be seen and not heard, but Jasmine defies the odds and proves to everyone that she can be a strong and independent woman.

Not only is Jasmine courageous, but she perseveres despite other people telling her she can’t do something.  All the voices around her tell her that because she’s a woman she can’t be a ruler, but she doesn’t listen to the negativity, and she doesn’t give up. She pursues her ambitions.

In conclusion, because Jasmine exhibits so many admirable characteristics, she is someone to whom young girls can look up. Princess Jasmine, like the Biblical Queen Esther is a healthy example of female empowerment. Above all else, women should persevere, have courage and love others.

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