61% of Teens Desire Abstinence Before Marriage

By Diana Anderson

Confounding popularly held assumptions, a new study has found that 61% of American teens want to refrain from having sex until they marry.

According to the 91-page study conducted by OneHope, an international children’s evangelism ministry, respondents say that, if it were possible, they would like to regain their virginity.

The study’s sample size focused on 5,108 U.S. teens between ages 13 and 18. They were recruited to take an online survey via a panelist company as well as social networking sites.

Considering the rampant increase in sexually explicit media invading living rooms and computers today with such vulgar and amoral TV shows as MTV’s “Skins” and “Jersey Shore,” the study’s results are quite astounding.

OneHope’s Vice President of Global Ministries Chad Causey said, “There is a lot of research about young people, but when do we hear directly from them? That’s why OneHope conducts research around the world. . . . We use this research to better understand their needs, meet them at their points of pain to bring them hope through media experiences conveying God’s love.”

Other notable findings by OneHope’s study include:

• 82% believe God intended marriage to last a lifetime

• 50% consider an unmarried man and woman a family

• 59% said the Bible has little/no influence on their thoughts and actions

• 62% believe truth is relative

• 57% believe being good people and doing good deeds will get you into heaven

• 69% watch MTV on a weekly basis

The messages from teenagers about marriage and chastity are encouraging, but the other attitudes, beliefs and practices are neither Godly, honorable nor biblical. To find out more what God truly wants from you, please contact MOVIEGUIDE® at 1-888-248-6689 or info@movieguide.org.

We are here to help you train your children to be biblically literate.

– Source: Christian Post.com, 02/09/11.

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