A Child Teaches Us How to Save Our Nation

By Pamela Gorman

The power of Hollywood to use art in a perverse manner to alter the very fabric of our nation is startling.  Firmly held values have begun to shift toward “tolerance” of behaviors that our Christian nation once understood to be anti-social and damaging to the culture.  The stories we hear and the images we see daily desensitize us to truly detestable acts, language, and attitudes.   But, it is important to realize that we are only victims to it by choice.  No one forces us to consume the culture-robbing media.  Yet, we consume and consume some more.  And, our hearts and minds are changed a little each time we allow access to these messages.


I feel the only way to overcome this effect is with good family friendly programming combined with a tool for measuring the quality of available media and true market forces.  Movieguide.org provides that valuable tool that all people can arm themselves with to provide the proper viewing experience for their children and themselves.  If we, as consumers, make wise choices then we can predict that the market will follow.  So, if we truly want to see a change in Hollywood products because we believe their messaging is harming our nation, then we need to be wise consumers and drive the market.  Moviemaking is, after all, a for-profit venture.  The themes and language will move in the direction of the ticket buyers’ preferences.


When my son was 12, we rented a movie that was supposed to be a comedy.  He popped in the movie while I was finishing up the dinner dishes.  Suddenly, he turned it off and came in the kitchen.  “I don’t want to see that movie, Mom.  I don’t like the way it makes me feel,” he explained.  Turns out, even though the movie’s rating was age appropriate, the language was so harsh and the interactions between the characters so brutal, that it made the movie unappealing.  We watched reruns on TV together that night, instead, and I was proud that my son was equipped to take such wise and decisive action without being “told” by his mother.  We should all be so wise.



Editor’s Note: Senator Pamela Gorman is a Christian conservative candidate for Congress in Arizona.  To read more of her writing, learn about her and perhaps help send Senator Pamela Gorman to Congress, please visit her website at www.Gorman2010.com ,”You may not be able to vote for her, but she can vote for you.”