A Third of Young Girls Are ‘Sexting,’ Survey Shows

A recent survey reveals the power of the mass media, noting that 30% of “tween” girls age 9-15 are “sexting” – sending, receiving and/or posting sexual messages and photos (including nude photos) on the Internet and/or via cell phone messages and emails!

Some of the findings:

·      30% of girls age 9-15 have sent, received and/or posted sexy messages and/or photos.

·      Of the 30%, 82.2% said they wanted to get attention, 66.3% said they wanted to be “cool,” 59.4% said they wanted to be like the popular girls, and 54.8% said they wanted to find a boyfriend.

·      67% of girls age 9-15 have posted some type photo or video of themselves.

·      47.2% of girls age 9-15 have thought about sending sexy messages/photos.

“Most parents of tween girls have a false sense of security,” said Denise Restauri, CEO and founder of AK Tweens, the research and consulting outfit leading the survey. “Tweens are just as tech savvy and connected these days as their teen counterparts.”

Incredibly, a Vermont bill that did not pass would have made sexting legal for children age 13 to 18!!!

This awful situation deserves everyone’s immediate attention. It is perverting the hearts and minds of vulnerable children and teenagers!

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– Source:  Marketwire, 04/21/09.


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