Actress Reveals the Incredible Moment That Saved Her From the Brink of Suicide

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Logan White on Instagram

Actress Reveals the Incredible Moment That Saved Her From the Brink of Suicide

By Billy Hallowell, Contributing Writer

Actress Andrea Logan White was once on the brink of suicide, but a chance encounter with a stranger changed her life and set her on course to start a relationship with God.

White had come to Hollywood to model and act; and, before long, she found herself involved with a very dark crowd.  This introduction to Hollywood left her in a difficult emotional and spiritual place.

“I almost died through it all,” White recently told “The Pure Flix Podcast.” “I had a very tragic path to get there, and it wasn’t easy, but somehow God used all of that to wake me up and bring me to Him.”

White is married to David A.R. White, the two founded PureFlix together. The Whites have attended multiple Movieguide® Awards.


White’s journey came to a head one day as she was driving in her car and was literally crying out to God.

“After an audition I was at my wits end. I could not make ends meet. I had multiple jobs,” she said. “I had tears in my eyes and I was at the end of my rope and I said, ‘God, why am I on this Earth. Why am I here?’ … I was suicidal.”

Listen to White reveal the amazing details that set her on a journey to finding God:

White, star of PureFlix.com’s new original series THE HEALING TRIBE, which is a series that offers the inspiration needed to live an abundant life and to walk out of chronic illness, addictions, trauma, depression and anxiety, said she was sobbing as she spoke to God in that moment.

“I said, ‘If you’re real, you need to show me who you are, because I have lost hope, and I have no will to live,’” White recounted.READ ALSO: Looking for God’s Healing? Her Story Will Inspire You

It was at that very moment that a man in an old, red beat-up car with a “Jesus Loves You” sticker beeped his car horn. When White looked over at him, he waved and pointed to the radio playing in his car.

As the man drove off, White tuned the radio to the same station and was astonished by what she heard.

“It was a pastor repeating the words I had just cried out to God ….  [He was] saying there’s people out there crying out to God, and they don’t know their purpose. God is here and has a plan for your life, and it’s a good plan,” she said, highlighting the essential value of hearing that message in the moment. “I think God knew I was going to take my life.”

White went on to share how this experience set her on course to finding Christ and a church community. Now, White is hosting THE HEALING TRIBE in an effort to help others “find the tools that God has given us to live an abundant life.”

“This is something that I’m so passionate about, because I really struggled and have struggled with my physical health my entire life,” she said of the show. “My heart behind THE HEALING TRIBE is I’ve connected with women who love the Lord that have found healing in the most random ways.”

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Heather McKean joined Andrea Logan White and Tiffany Jeffers to create THE HEALING TRIBE. You can read more about McKean’s story and Jeffers’ journey and stream all 15 episodes on PureFlix.com today (grab a free, 30-day trial here).

“I believe there’s a lot of people suffering in silence …. I believe the biggest battlefield we all face,” White said. “I’m always seeking to be the best version of myself — mind, body and spirit. … We cover it all. We are very open with it, because I believe we have to.”

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