Alexa PenaVega Has ‘So Much Peace’ After Daughter’s Stillbirth

Photo from Alexa PenaVega’s Instagram

Alexa PenaVega Has ‘So Much Peace’ After Daughter’s Stillbirth

By Movieguide® Contributor

Alexa PenaVega and her husband, Carlos, are experiencing God’s peace following the stillbirth of their daughter, Indy.

“So, I feel like it’s really hard for people to see how we are reacting to our loss,” Alexa said in response to a question about how she is doing following the loss. “You know, actually early on when friends were calling us to check in on us and we finally get on the phone and we would be okay. It was almost like it wasn’t okay that we’re doing okay. And if we said, ‘Actually, we’re doing great.’ There was always that like, ‘You’re just in shock.’ When we have so much peace. It hurt. It sucked. It was awful, but we’re okay.”

The couple announced the loss in April.

“There are never the right words to say when it comes to loss,” the PenaVegas wrote at the time. “After a beautiful and peaceful delivery our daughter ‘Indy’ was born at rest. It has been a painful journey. But in the pain we have found peace. God continues to comfort and hold us in his arms. The prayers from the community around us have been so sustaining in this difficult season.”

Movieguide® reported:

Alexa PenaVega is updating fans on how her family is doing following the stillborn birth of their daughter Indy.

“We’re doing well. We’re actually doing really well, considering everything,” she said in an Instagram video. “We have been so thankful reading all your messages of support, all the prayers that you guys have prayed — we have felt them. I don’t know how else we would’ve gotten through this season without all of you lifting us up in prayer.”

PenaVega said this season has been “obviously the most traumatic thing we’ve ever had to go through as a family…but it’s been really incredible to see how God moved through our family during this time.”

“We have obviously felt a lot of pain but also an insane amount of peace. God has really met us in this place between pain and peace, and it doesn’t make any sense, other than that it is his supernatural peace that is just covering us,” she continued. “This season, I have learned so much about pain with purpose.”

Despite the tremendous loss, the PenaVegas are resting in the Lord because they know God is in complete control.

“It’s okay to be okay after loss. We grieved. We hurt. But we were restored and filled with peace,” she said in the caption on Instagram. “Indy will always be a part of our lives. Life after Indy will be brighter because she brought us perspective. She brought us closer together. She made us stronger. She helped us grow in areas that needed growth. She was LIGHT in our lives and always will be.”

“Don’t get me wrong. What we would give to have her in our arms now… but we don’t want to live in her LOSS… we want to live in her LIGHT. Gods peace surpasses all understanding,” she concluded.

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