AMERICAN IDOL’s Tasha Layton Shares Testimony in New Single, ‘Look What You’ve Done’

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AMERICAN IDOL’s Tasha Layton Shares Testimony in New Single, ‘Look What You’ve Done’

By Movieguide® Staff

Worship leader Tasha Layton, who competed alongside Lauren Daigle and Tori Kelly on Season 9 of AMERICAN IDOL, recently wrote a new song that she calls a “testimony” of her life.

The new single is titled “Look What You’ve Done” and tells the story of how God pulled Layton to Himself when she was on the brink of suicide.

“In college, I was very depressed, very isolated, just felt very alone and I reached a point where I just didn’t want to live anymore and try to take my life,” Layton told CBN. “At that lowest of lows, I realized that in all the searching I had done in the previous year, in different religions and from mysticism to synagogue to Buddhist meditation camp, I kinda did it all looking for truth.

“I realized that in all those other paths you’re striving to be good enough, you’re trying to reach God,” she added. “Whereas in Christianity, it’s Emmanuel, ‘God with us.’ He is in pursuit of us. That changed the trajectory of my life.”

Since her salvation, Layton has used her talents to praise God. For Layton, “Look What You’ve Done” tells the story of her transformation.

“I really just wanted to write a song that was my life’s testimony in a song,” Layton said. “I walked in that day and I said ‘I want to capture the gold nugget,’ so to speak, ‘of what God has done in my life.’ That has mainly centered around Him replacing the lies I believed about myself, and Him and other people, with His truth.

“I had to do a little digging to get to that, sometimes we need a little therapy help to get to the roots, but then I let the Holy Spirit do the work,” she continued. “It was a really beautiful shift in my life, feeling that truth move from my head to my heart. ‘Ok God this is what you really say about me and about what has happened to me in my life.'”

Layton said that several lines in the song convey this shift in her life.

“One of my favorite lines in this song is ‘I thought I was too broken, but now I see you were breaking new ground inside of me,'” she quoted. “And I think sometimes when we feel like we are too far gone, we are really close to breakthrough.”

Despite her growing popularity among Christians and non-believers alike, Layton said that she only cares about following God’s will for her life.

“I think I try to not read too many headlines cause you never know,” she said. “I think it’s good to not be swayed by the good or the bad and only what the Lord says.”
However, after God saved her from her sin and depression, Layton said she no longer feared what man had to say about her life or music.

“I felt courage and boldness to do whatever He called me to do,” she said. “Everything about my life shifted. I started seeing myself differently, I knew how much God loved me and how much He cared about me and that changed everything, that changed the story.”