And, Among the Young Unchurched. . .

Nearly two-third, or 63%, of young adults age 20-29 said they would attend a church if that church “presented truth to me in an understandable way that relates to my life now.”
Fifteen percent of these attended church weekly as a child and have no current animosity toward the church, but 37% are hostile toward the church and Christians.
Four out of five, or 80%, of unchurched adults aged 20 to 29 in the U.S. believe a supreme being exists, while 75% claim the existence of God does or would impact their lives. Most of the younger unchurched actually do believe in God and that He is the God described in the Bible. A significant number, however, believe in God but are not sure the God of the Bible is the only God.
Young Adults, Aged 20-29 Percentage
Would attend church if it presented truth in an “understandable” way relative to my life 63%
Are hostile toward the church and Christians 37%
A Supreme Being exists 80%
God’s existence would impact my life 75%
Ninety-eight percent of young unchurched blacks and 84% of Hispanics agree God exists against 76% of unchurched Anglos. Nearly three-quarters express some level of agreement that the Christian church is generally helpful to society. Young unchurched blacks agree more than others (25% to 7%) that the church is the only place to learn what it means to be Christian.