Anne Wilson Says ‘God Reminds Me He is My Strength’ in Hard Times

Photo from Anne Wilson’s Instagram

Anne Wilson Says ‘God Reminds Me He is My Strength’ in Hard Times

By Movieguide® Contributor

Anne Wilson just posted a beautiful cover of her hit single “Strong,” along with an encouraging message to followers who might be struggling. 

“Can’t stop singing ‘Strong’ lately,” she captioned the video. “There have been a ton of moments recently where I’ve just felt so weak in my own strength. Where I’ve just felt like giving up some days. But God reminds me continuously through His word and this song that He is my strength.”

“Strong” went No. 1 on the Christian radio, which Wilson celebrated in another Instagram post. 

“I’m learning more and more about what it means to live in the moment. To put my phone away and be present in the world around me,” she wrote. “I’m learning that every day is a gift from God we’re so undeserving of. I’m so thankful for this life He has given me but am more grateful for who HE is to me. Jesus is the prize and the treasure. He is what I live for.”

The single is from her latest album, “REBEL,” which marked Wilson’s move to more country-inspired music. 

“I didn’t change who I was,” she told PEOPLE of the decision. “I stuck to who I am and what I believe and it’s really cool to see how it’s all come together.”

Wilson continued, “Sometimes it can feel hard to get up there and have the courage to do it,” she says, “but every time I do, I feel so glad I did it. Someone will always come up to me after the show and say, ‘Hey, I’ve never heard of you before, but I needed your message of hope tonight.’”

“Why am I actually doing this?” she concluded. “It’s for God.”

Movieguide® previously reported on “REBEL”:

Anne Wilson is dishing on her new album, “Rebel,” ahead of its release on April 19.

“Wilson—who grew up listening to both country and Christian music—says she wants the album to reach country fans who don’t attend church,” Christian Headlines reported.

“With this record, I felt really called to just preach the gospel point blank, share the truth, it is what it is,” Wilson said. “There are a couple of songs on the record that will be on country radio that maybe don’t specifically talk about God…but it’s like a nod at it. My goal is to get people to hear the song and them want to know more.”

Though many call her latest album “country,” she prefers not to have it under one genre.

“A lot of people are labeling it as country, and I would label it as just Anne Wilson,” she toldCrosswalkHeadlines. “Some songs will be on Christian playlists, and some will be on country. And then some will maybe just be in the middle…This album was very interesting, because it really does blend the two together in one.”

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