ANNE WITH AN E Star Diagnosed With Stage 3 Breast Cancer

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ANNE WITH AN E Star Diagnosed With Stage 3 Breast Cancer

By MovieguideĀ® Staff

ANNE WITH AN E star Miranda McKeon recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at age 19.

“It is with a heavy yet hopeful heart that I share news that I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer,” the actress posted to Instagram. “I am 19 and as statistics go- the chances of having breast cancer at this age are one in a million! (literally, look it up on Google) I am so special- but we knew thisšŸ’›! In these slides I have shared information on what my past 4 days have looked like, why I have decided to share this on social media, information on my cancer, a note not to be scared, and a message to my family and friends. Ps. Iā€™m horrible at spelling so I am acknowledging in advance of any typos.”


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McKeon told People magazine that she initially contacted her doctor after she found a lump while adjusting her shirt.

“I had the thought that, ‘Wow, this is the moment.’ I immediately went to the worst case scenario,” McKeon says of discovering a lump. “This is the moment where everything changes and there’s no going back. But after going down a little Google rabbit hole, my mind was at ease because I didn’t think anything could be wrong because of my age.”

McKeon, who just finished her first week of chemotherapy, is documenting her journey on Instagram.


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Her doctors say her age is one thing working for her with the diagnosis.

“I’m making it my job to find the beauty in all of this,” she says. “I wouldn’t have chosen this, I didn’t choose this, I don’t think anyone would choose this. But I’m making it my job to try and pull something out of this.”

McKeon continues: “I feel like as humans, we look at other people in other situations and think, wow, how are they doing that? Or wow, I could never do that. And I probably would have thought the same thing about myself, but here I am and I’m now living in this story and I think we can all handle a lot more than we think we can.”

McKeon plays Josie Pye on ANNE WITH AN E.

According to the MovieguideĀ® review:

ANNE WITH AN E has a strong focus on love between family members. Though the system of adoption practiced in the time period of ANNE WITH AN E is not the same one we use today, the adoptive family is portrayed honestly and beautifully, and becomes a loving, tightly knit unit. The culture the characters are set in is primarily Christian, so the Bible is referenced in nearly every episode. Also, prayer is extolled, Jesus is mentioned, the birth of Jesus is celebrated at Christmas, and people sing Christmas carols. Usually, the program portrays Christianity in a positive light, as something that brings comfort and meaning to life. The only exception to this is the priest, who expresses some thoughts about women in the home that the programā€™s feminist elements reject.

Please join us in praying for McKeon’s healing.