AT HOME WITH OLAF Offers Child-Friendly Entertainment During Quarantine

Image courtesy of Disney Twitter

AT HOME WITH OLAF Offers Child-Friendly Entertainment During Quarantine

By Jenny Frye, Contributing Writer 

Disney Animation is releasing new digital shorts on Twitter called AT HOME WITH OLAF starring the FROZEN snowman Olaf. 

The series is voiced by comedian Josh Gad, and the series was created by Hyrum Osmond. Both Gad and Osmond are working on this project from home.  

Each animated short is around 40 seconds long, and one short is released every day this week. The shorts will have a variety of topics, and they are super cute and kid friendly. Movieguide® recommends watching the shorts before showing them to your children.

The first short, titled “Fun with Snow,” shows Olaf throwing snowballs. When he accidentally throws a snowball that is the head of a tiny snowman, this small snowman runs after his head and begins playing fetch with Olaf. 

The second short, “Alone in the Forest,” shows the snowman dancing ballet to the famous “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.”  

Every short is different, but the quality and content is adorable and exciting for children. These shorts are perfect for small entertainment for kids who are home from school. 

Gad revealed on Twitter that Jennifer Lee, the head of Disney Animation, reached out to him to collaborate on the Disney shorts. Although Gad knew it could be a “challenge” for him, he decided to go through with it.  

In addition to the Olaf animated shorts, Disney has also been posting several “5-minute stories” where celebrities read Disney stories for children. The trend has become popular over the last few weeks, as children are home from school and have an abundance of free time.  

We will be excited to see the other digital shorts that will be released over the next couple days, as they are a fun distraction during stressful times.