Atheism versus Christianity

Atheists like to promote the false argument that religion has killed more innocent people than any other force in the history of mankind.

Is that really true about those people professing the Christian religion?

Actually, according to Vox Day in THE IRRATIONAL ATHEIST, atheist regimes in the 20th Century (such as Soviet Russia and Communist China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Cambodia) alone killed and murdered about 153.3 million people for philosophical, political and economic reasons. Meanwhile, in 2,000 years of history, people misrepresenting the Christian faith (which clearly teaches non-violence and even kindness toward its enemies) killed and murdered only about 1.65 million, or 93 times less the number of people in 20 centuries compared to only one century!!!


Democide* Statistics, Christianity vs. Atheism

Category Number of People Murdered
Atheist Democide in 1 century 153.36 million people
Christian Democide in 20 centuries 1.65 million people


* Democide includes genocide, political killings and murders, and mass murder.


Of course, atheist regimes may also build hospitals, schools and cities, but so do Christians and Christian nations. Even Hollywood, which is located by the way in a city built by Christians called Los Angeles or City of the Angels, recognizes this fact. After all, have your ever heard of the TV show ST. ELSEWHERE?

Clearly, however, atheist authoritarianism is totally inimical to the lives of all people everywhere. And, atheists should stop their vicious, deceitful slander of Christianity and Christians.

– Source:  www.godandscience.org.