Bear Grylls Reveals Why Faith is His “Greatest Adventure”

Photo courtesy of Kalei Brooks, Alaska National Guard

Bear Grylls Reveals Why Faith is His “Greatest Adventure”

By Movieguide® Contributor

While MAN VS. WILD star Bear Grylls has survived many of Earth’s most desolate and dangerous places, he recently shared that his “greatest adventure” is his faith.

“It is a sign of great strength to need Jesus,” Grylls shared. 

As a young boy, faith came naturally to Grylls—“a simple comfort, unquestioning and personal.” But as he grew up, he found faith “tedious, judgmental, boring and irrelevant.”

It wasn’t until the death of his godfather that Grylls rediscovered his relationship with God.

“God, if you’re like you were when I used to know you, will you be that again? Comfort me,” he prayed at the time. 

“My faith is about being held, comforted, forgiven, strengthened and loved. Faith in Christ has been the great empowering presence in my life, helping me walk strong when so often I feel weak,” he shared. 

“If I had to sum up the secret of my survival in four words,” he wrote, “it would be a combination of heart, hope, doggedness and faith.” 

These traits culminated after Grylls broke three vertebrae while parachuting in the Special Air Services. Eighteen months after his injury, Grylls began the greatest quest of his life. 

On May 16, 1998, he reached the top of Mount Everest. With tears rolling down his face, he recalled a Bible verse. 

“Even the youths shall faint and be weary,” Grylls quoted, “and the young men shall utterly fall. But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.”

Grylls scooped some of the snow from the top of Everest, taking it home with him. Later he would christen his three children with that snow water. 

“I’ve never stopped dreaming and pursuing my dreams. If you see me on TV, mud on my face, knee-deep in a swamp or snow, the weather ungodly cold or insufferably hot, don’t let that fool you,” Grylls concluded. “The greatest adventure of all is faith.” 

Movieguide previously reported on Grylls’ faith: 

He explained, “Our job in life is to stay close to Christ and drop the religious, drop the fluff, drop the church if you need to because that means so many different things to different people anyway.”

“Keep the bit of church which is about community and friends and honesty and faith and love,” Grylls said. “All the masks, performances, music and worship bands and all of that sort of stuff — I don’t think Christ would recognize a lot of that.”

Grylls also spoke about his disappointment at the sanitization of “religious language,” which has created environments where people “can’t be honest, can’t express doubt and can’t fail.” The Church, he emphasized, is “the place to have doubts and questions.”

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