Brandon Lake’s Song Inspires Children’s Book Written with Wife

Photo from Brandon Lake’s Instagram

Brandon Lake’s Song Inspires Children’s Book Written with Wife

By Movieguide® Contributor

After Brandon Lake wrote “Gratitude,” the song inspired him and his wife, Brittany Lake, to create a book for kids about bringing their gifts to God.

“So it’s inspired off the song ‘Gratitude,’” Brittany explained about the book, called “Little Lion Lungs” on June 7. “We have three boys… And what better tool to help our kids learn about worship? What it means to bring a gift to the king, and it’s just the heart.”

“And Brandon’s been dreaming it up, and we’re finally like, let’s do it,” she said on FOX & FRIENDS. “It’s time.”

“Little Lion Lungs” started as an idea for a clothing line.

“I was just doodling a lion and so many kids have been coming out of these shows that have been inspired by that lyric in ‘Gratitude:’ ‘You’ve got a lion inside of your lungs. Get up and praise the Lord.’ Kind of like how David did in the Bible. ‘Bless the Lord, oh my soul,’” Brandon said.

“And so we wanted to create a resource for our own kids but then realizing it could, with the height of that song, could impact thousands, if not millions, of kids lives and teach them, what even does a hallelujah mean? We sing that; we say that,” Brandon continued.

The book tells the story of a lion who searches for a gift for a king. He comes up with nothing, but the king tells him that his voice is enough, and it’s his heart that the king wants.

“We really hope this book blesses your family,” Brandon said on Instagram.

About all that God’s done in his life, Brandon said on FOX & FRIENDS, “Yeah, all God, truly. We’re blown away. Obviously, we have a ton of gratitude in our hearts for everything He’s done.”

“My tour, ‘Tear Off the Roof Tour’ — it’s one of the songs off my record, ‘Coat of Many Colors,’ — and the idea is we’re going to go across the country and tear off the roof like that story in the Bible. Get as many people in the room, in the presence of God,” he shared.

“We believe there’s nothing like the people of God singing the praises of God in the presence of God and just know that it transforms lives. Going across the country…we actually just hit 20 dates and that was so good. That was supposed to be the end, and [I’m] thankful that my wife was like, ‘You can do 12 more.'”

So Brandon just added 12 more dates to his tour in October.

“[I‘m] just so pumped and honored to be able to do that. To be able to sing these songs. And see this many — thousands of people come out and people have been giving their life to Christ.”

Brandon also shared the dates on his Instagram last month.


He continued, “Text ‘ROOF’ to +1 (843) 396-5110 to get early access to tickets!! Which show are you coming to??”

“Every single night I share the Gospel, and it’s very rock and roll. And it’s also a ton of worship. It’s a lot of fun,” he said on FOX & FRIENDS.

FOX & FRIENDS host Ainsley Earhardt added that one of the FOX staff members found Jesus after they listened to Brandon’s music.

Movieguide® recently reported on Brandon:

Christian artist Brandon Lake is encouraging worship leaders to “[look] for the Lord in everything.”

“If I had any encouragement for a young worship leader, first of all, I would say you have to step out of fear and into faith,” he said in a conversation with fellow Christian artist Phil Wickham. “There’s never a moment that I’m stepping into something, if you want to call it spontaneous or prophetic, that I am not terrified.”



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