Brittany Lutz Says Spouse Should Be ‘Someone To Chase After God With’

Photo from Brittany Lutz’s Instagram

Brittany Lutz Says Spouse Should Be ‘Someone To Chase After God With’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Brittany Lutz recently shared a message of encouragement for anyone who is facing hard decisions, urging them to trust in God’s plan. 

“I remember being in the car with a boyfriend on the way to a dinner date fighting back tears as I looked out the window because as wonderful and kind as he was, and as much as he loved me, I had this awful pit in my stomach and the strongest feeling that I should be somewhere else,” she shared in an Instagram post. 

Lutz explained that, while she knew she wasn’t meant to be with this person, she was worried about being alone. 

“As much as I wanted a dream man to ride in and ‘rescue’ me from a life I wasn’t happy in, I can see now that God wanted to show me that I am strong in Him first — no Prince Charming needed,” she continued. 

Lutz wrote, “A husband should be the cherry on top of an already beautiful life. He should be a mirror to reflect back to you, someone to chase after God with, and should compliment who God created you to be. He shouldn’t complete you or be the source of your identity.”

She shared that she had to make some “hard decisions,” but “as uncomfortable as that season was, you know the sweetest thing about it? Never once did I feel what I felt in that car that night. Even though it was hard taking back control and ownership of my life in order to pursue and live the life God had for me, I knew deep in my heart I was exactly where I was supposed to be. It was the definition of peace and it was beautiful.”

“Now I’m married to my absolute best friend,” Lutz concluded. “To all the girls out there looking out the window knowing deep in your heart you’re supposed to be somewhere else, it’s not too late and you’re not in too deep. If I can do it so can you.”

Lutz is married to TWILIGHT actor Kellan Lutz, and the couple share daughter Ashtyn, 2, and son Kasen, 1. 

She frequently encourages her followers not to stay in relationships that aren’t right for them, sharing her own story and experiences. 

“Pinching myself as I watch my life unfold,” she wrote under an Instagram video of her husband and children playing together. 

The video features text that reads, “POV: You didn’t settle and now you get to build a life with the best husband, best father, and best friend you’ve ever known.”

The couple are dedicated to their children, and even recently moved to Nashville to be closer to extended family. 

“I remember growing up, my family had a farm in Iowa, and I saw my grandparents, and it was the best time. We spent a month or so on the farm. Cows, pigs, everything. But it’s fleeting. People aren’t living as long,” Kellan told Fox News of the move. “You only have so much time with your grandparents. And we live a mile from my wife’s parents, and so we walk there. It’s just beautiful.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Lutz’s faith and family:

Brittany Lutz is celebrating her family in a new Instagram post and reminiscing on the ups and downs she and husband, actor Kellan Lutz, have faced over the past few years. 

“He redeems. He restores. He heals. He surpasses our wildest dreams,” she started the caption of a series of pictures of the Lutz family. 

Her caption continued:

3 years ago I was told I couldn’t get pregnant (fibroids + endometriosis) but God directed my steps and used an incredible dr who made it possible. 

2 years ago I lost my precious miracle baby girl who I carried for 27 weeks and had so many plans and dreams for. Then due to complications it is a miracle that I am alive and that I didn’t have to have an emergency hysterectomy to save my life. 

1 year ago I gave birth to my hilarious, spunky, little beach babe Ashtyn. 

And this year we added our sweet, cuddly chunky monkey Kasen. 

These photos aren’t just sweet family memories. They are visible, tangible proof of God’s goodness and faithfulness. 

“If you’re going through a difficult season there is hope and happiness on the other side,” Lutz concluded. “But the only way to get to the other side is to go through. You’re stronger than you know. You’re not alone. Don’t give up. Keep going.”

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