Brooke Ligertwood Encourages Young People To ‘Get With Jesus’ In New Album

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Brooke Ligertwood Encourages Young People To ‘Get With Jesus’ In New Album

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Worship artist Brooke Ligertwood opened up about her new album SEVEN and the process behind putting the project together. 

“It was a great surprise to me when the Lord brought all of these songs into my life in a very short period of time, and I’ve been making albums long enough to know when you have a group of ten songs versus when you have a group of ten songs that belong together and are a collective statement,” Ligertwood shared. “But I definitely was not trying to make an album.” 

She created the new songs with friends and family like ​​Jason Ingram, Elevation Pastor Steven Furtick, Brandon Lake, Phil Wickham, and her husband Scott. 

“I think it’s so important that I’m always part of something that’s bigger than me and not just about me,” she said of the collaborative nature of the album. “I love being part of a team.”

Ligertwood also talked about her commitment to encouraging the youth of today. 

“I just love youth ministry so much. I love when I get to sneak into any kind of youth thing,” Ligertwood shared. “It’s exciting and it’s so raw. When you’re in a room of young people you can just sense the potential.

“I get excited whenever I get to serve that generation, because I get to be like, ‘I’m cheering you on! We are cheering you on!’ For all the young leaders out there: go for it. Get with Jesus. We are all behind you, cheering you on,” she continued. 

“What young people are navigating today is no joke,” the singer concluded. “I had to deal with dumb stuff when I was their age, but not this specific stuff. But I get excited for this generation of young leaders, whether they’re 21 or 15, because the Holy Spirit is well and able to equip them to serve God in their generation, and to actually navigate some of the stuff that the generations maybe 20 or 30 years ahead of them are scratching their heads about.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Ligertwood’s music:

Worship artist Brooke Ligertwood announced plans to release her seventh solo and live album, aptly titled: SEVEN.

The first single released in anticipation of SEVEN, “A Thousand Hallelujahs,” was written by Ligertwood, her husband Scott, and fellow Christian artist Phil Wickham.

In an interview with The Christian Post, the GRAMMY award-winning artist shared her inspiration behind the project and said that the song was “a beautiful surprise and a such a blessing”.

“My husband and I went down to our friend, Phil Wickham, who lives just about an hour down the road from us. And we were writing in the church that Phil goes to, which is like this old little church hall in Southern California,” she said.

“We were sitting in the church hall with the keyboards and the guitars, and there’s just this beautiful, empty hall, and kind of started talking about all the generations of people who had worshiped in this church,” she added. “We were just so inspired by the generational nature of the Church of Jesus. And we started talking about the thousands of hallelujahs that had been sung in that room.”

From there, the song “just kind of poured forth,” Ligertwood shared.

“All of us, at the end of it, were kind of like, ‘Did that just happen? Thank You, Lord.’ I feel so, so blessed that the song has been entrusted to us, and we just really pray that it’s a blessing for the Church and that it actually is really helpful,” she continued.


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