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Singer Bryson Tiller Says Kids ‘Love’ His Work For New PAW PATROL Movie

Singer Bryson Tiller Says Kids ‘Love’ His Work For New PAW PATROL Movie

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Kentucky native and musician Bryson Tiller recently shared that his song “Down Like That” is the main track for the new kids’ movie PAW PATROL: THE MIGHTY MOVIE.

As a father of two daughters, Tiller was excited about the opportunity.

“My kids absolutely love the fact that I am a part of this, and there’s nothing but smiles every time they hear me,” he shared in an interview with EBONY. 

“But, honestly, they were the second driving factor in my hopping on the movie’s soundtrack. The first was the fact that it was just something very different for me, and it got me excited. Sometimes I get bored in the studio, so this is a way to keep the job fun for me,” he added. 

Tiller also reflected on the demands that come with being a father and a performer.

“I have periods where there’s a lot of downtime, and we get to hang out all day almost. This current season has been very busy for me, though, so I do my best to include them in things I’m working on, even if that means bringing my oldest daughter to the studio or on tour with me,” he explained. 

“I’ll even play tracks for them as I’m working on them, and get their input, just to ensure they feel included,” Tiller added.  

“Whenever I’m with my kids, I just try to be extremely present ’cause I know those little moments will mean more than just doing it consistently for two weeks or whatever it is,” he shared with Essence.

Last week, the singer took to Instagram to share about his song and the movie.

“Ahhhh let’s gooo. Get ready for my new song ‘Down Like That’ from the new #PAWPatrolMovie, dropping tomorrow!” he posted.

“LETS GO,” one user commented with excitement. “This is dope bro… me and my son gonna be playing this nonstop,” another shared.

According to the Movieguide® review:

PAW PATROL: THE MIGHTY MOVIE follows the adventures of the PAW Patrol pups in this sequel to PAW PATROL: MOVIE. The team of dogs is keeping Adventure City safe when a mysterious meteor crashes. Inside the meteor are crystals that give each pup a unique superpower. With their newfound strength, the pups decide to call themselves “The Mighty Pups.” They use their new superpowers to help citizens and save lives. However, two criminals plan to steal the crystals to use them for their selfish gain. When Skye loses her crystal, she makes a selfish decision that could put them all in danger. Can The Mighty Pups band together to stop the criminals?

PAW PATROL: THE MIGHTY MOVIE is a fun, action-packed movie for all ages. It has a strong moral worldview stressing sharing, selfless acts, courage, and the importance of family. It does have some scenes of cartoon action and peril, along with a scene about an orphaned pup that could bother younger viewers. Ultimately, THE MIGHTY MOVIE succeeds in showing that real power comes from sharing, loving one another and family.

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