C.J. Stroud Picked 2nd Overall by Houston Texans: ‘I Have the Armor of God on me’

Photo from CJ Stroud’s Instagram

C.J. Stroud Picked 2nd Overall by Houston Texans: ‘I Have the Armor of God on me’

By Movieguide® Contributor

With the second pick in the NFL draft, the Houston Texans select, C.J. Stroud. The emotions flooded Stroud as his time finally came.  

Upon speaking to the media, Stroud stated, “God has battle-tested me,” when asked how he felt. “… He’s scarred me, so I’ve been battle-tested. I have the armor of God on me. Everything I’ve been through has prepared me for this moment right here.” 

Additionally, Stroud spoke to CBS Sports last month and stated, “One thing that I start with is just my foundation as a man where I’m a man of God. I want that to be known. I’m responsible, and I’m respectable, and I’m very mature for my age I feel. I had to kind of grow up fast growing up, so it kind of forced me to kind of be ready for these moments.”

Stroud has never been shy when it’s come to sharing his faith. In an interview with Rob Maddi of “Faith on the Field,” Stroud stated that his faith grew stronger after his father, who was a pastor, was incarcerated in 2015.  

“When I got to college, I found Christ for myself,” said Stroud. “It’s definitely something that I’m still learning to this day. I’m definitely not perfect. … It does keep me grounded; it does keep me humble just because I know anything can be stripped away at any point.” 

Approaching his final season at Ohio State, Stroud stated that his faith pushed him to become the leader the team needed.  

“That’s what God has called me to do is be a leader,” he expressed. “So, I definitely try to show love and let people know that whatever they’re going through or whatever they have been through, they’re not by themselves. They have help. They have inspiration. They can look up to me.” 

Stroud takes to social media, in his Twitter and Instagram bios he described himself as a “Follower of Christ.” In a recent tweet, where he declared for the draft, Stroud made sure to put Christ first.  

“First and foremost,” he wrote, “I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with health, favor and opportunity.” 

Stroud will continue his leadership within the Houston Texans organization all while putting his faith and walk with Christ first.  


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