Candace Cameron Bure Reminds Followers: ‘I Belong To God The Father, So Do You’

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure Reminds Followers: ‘I Belong To God The Father, So Do You’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a new Instagram video, Candace Cameron Bure reminds her followers to block out any negative voices and focus on God’s love. 

“I know someone needs to hear this because I needed to hear it this morning,” she said in the clip. “Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with feelings. Feelings that might be loneliness, shame, regret, worry, anxiety, depression, darkness, and you need to rebuke those spirits.”

She continued, “You need to tell them to get out because they don’t have a hold on you. They don’t have a hold on me, because I belong to God the Father. So do you. He is with you at all times. He goes before you, He stands with you, He goes behind you, He covers you in protection.”

Bure continued her inspirational message in the caption, writing, “Some days I need to be reminded that the negative thoughts that continually churn in my mind are voices from the enemy. Whispers that say, you’re not good enough, you can’t handle this, you’ll never change, you’ll always fail. Whispers that cause fear, depression, loneliness, anxiety, shame, worthlessness… and the list goes on. It’s A LIE!!!”

“You are valuable because God says so. He made you in His image,” the actress concluded. “He loves and cares for you like no other! He goes before you, He stands with you and behind you. He covers you and protects you. Invite Him in. Call out His name. You are HIS. The Lord loves YOU”

Bure often talks about how she leans on her faith during times of trouble. Movieguide® previously reported:

Candace Cameron Bure shared a powerful Scripture on social media after weathering online controversy. 

In a recent Instagram story, the actress read Isaiah 12:2 aloud: “The Lord is my salvation. I will trust Him and not be afraid for He alone is my strength and my defender.”

She then reiterated, “He has become my salvation.”

Bure recently became the center of a media firestorm after Jojo Siwa called her the “rudest celebrity” she had ever met.

Despite the media firestorm, Bure holds fast to Scripture to steady her faith.

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