Candace Cameron Bure Talks Guiding Daughter Natasha’s Acting Career: ‘Been Down this Path’

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Candace Cameron Bure Talks Guiding Daughter Natasha’s Acting Career: ‘Been Down this Path’

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Candace Cameron Bure is no stranger to Hollywood, and she shared how she’s helped her daughter, Natasha, excel in her own acting career.

“She’s been singing and acting her whole life, like a lot of little kids,” Bure told Fox News Digital. “You know, there’s so many videos that I have on my computer when they would just go in and go to the photo booth on there when she was 7 years old, and she’d pretend like she had her own talk show and all kinds of things like that.”

The actress added that Natasha decided she wanted to act when she was around “12, 13, 14 years old.”

“She was like, ‘This is what I want to do,’’ Bure explained. ‘So I’m like, ‘Great. I’ve been down this path. I can help guide you.'”

In addition to her own acting career, the Great American Family actress also tackles jobs behind the camera.

“I absolutely love producing. I’ve produced more than 30 films. I think people don’t quite realize that,” she mentioned. “So when I get to only have my producer hat on and not my actor’s hat, it is so enjoyable for me.

“When I can just sit there at the monitors behind the camera, watching the scenes develop and run in and give my notes of what to improve, like I’m in a creative high. This is the best thing that I could be doing,” she continued.

“And then to see my daughter’s face on screen is incredible,” she finished. “And because she’s so good, it’s like … I also know her intimately. So there’s nuances. I’m like, ‘Give me this, give me that.’ There’s like a short speak and it’s really wonderful. Sometimes I jump in like the director and I, you know, I get ahead of myself. But anyway, it’s just a joy for me.”

Bure frequently shows her support for her daughter’s career. In a recent Instagram post, she celebrated Natasha’s upcoming movie A CHRISTMAS FOR THE AGES.

“A CHRISTMAS FOR THE AGES premieres November 26th at 8/7c on @gactv and I can’t wait for you all to see this one featuring such a great cast, including someone you may know…@natashabure,” the actress said.

Natasha even portrayed a younger version of her mom’s character in AURORA TEAGARDEN: HAUNTED BY MURDER, which came out in 2022.

“Being a part of this movie is so thrilling because I get to play the younger version of Aurora, which is played by my mother,” Natasha said.

Movieguide® previously reported on Natasha:

Natasha Bure, daughter of Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure, will take the lead in an upcoming faith-based romantic comedy called HOME SWEET HOME.

…Bure is no stranger to acting. She previously appeared in FAITH, HOPE & LOVE and Hallmark’s SWITCHED FOR CHRISTMAS.

Bure thanks her family for teaching her sound morals and wisdom. Her father is retired hockey player Valeri Bure.

“I really do owe the way that I am to my parents because I was raised in a pretty, I wouldn’t say strict household, but I would say, I was definitely guarded and I had a lot of rules,” Bure told Fox News last year. “I wasn’t given an overly excessive amount of freedom where I could just do whatever I want, you know, just kind of run wild.

“I think because of that I don’t really get tempted too much in Hollywood,” Bure continued. “I’m pretty secure in who I am and what I believe in and what I stand for. I literally spend most of the time hanging with my family or by myself at home so I honestly, probably would just give all of that credit to how my parents raised me.”

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