Carlin Bates Shares Health Update: ‘I’m So Thankful For God’s Protection’

Photo from Carlin Bates’ Instagram

Carlin Bates Shares Health Update: ‘I’m So Thankful For God’s Protection’

By Movieguide® Staff

BRING UP BATES star Carlin Bates shared an update about her recent health issues.

Bates, who is married to Evan Stewart, took to Instagram to fill fans in on her time in the hospital.

“Little update: I have been in and out of the hospital over the past week trying to figure what is causing me to pass out and have seizure like symptoms,” Bates wrote. “The doctors have run multiple tests and haven’t been able to diagnose the problem, but we have been able to rule out a lot of scary things.”

Bates said that she is relying on God’s comfort and said she is thankful for her family, who are offering their support.

“I’m so thankful for the people closest to me helping me through this, but most of all for God’s protection this far,” she said. “I am wearing a heart monitor that has been able to record when these episodes happen, and I am also going to an appointment with a neurologist.”

“Thank you to everyone who has sent me a message praying for me and also for sharing your personal experiences that have been so helpful,” the post concluded.

The couple recently welcomed their second child, Zade Patrick, this year.

“All those weeks and months of anticipation of our son’s arrival just seems like a blink now that he is in our arms! Our hearts have literally melted with admiration and love for him since his birth!” she wrote in a separate Instagram post. “But the most exciting part is yet to come! We are checking out of the hospital today, and when we step into our little home, I’m sure we will be greeted with the joyful squeals of his big sister, Layla. That’s the moment I’m so excited about! Our little family of four is fixing to get to spend our first moments together, and I’m already starting to get sentimental about it!”