Cartoon Network and HBO Max to Add Over 300 Hours of Children’s Content

Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

Cartoon Network and HBO Max to Add Over 300 Hours of Children’s Content

By Movieguide® Staff

Warnermedia’s Tom Ascheim’s Kids and Family unit will add more than 300 hours of content geared towards children.

The former Freeform president joined the company in April as president of its Global Kids, Young Adults, and Classics division.  

The new slate also features a new block geared towards pre-schoolers, Cartoonito, to come to Cartoon Network and HBO Max. WarnerMedia plans to debut Cartoonito’s first slate of content in the fall of 2021. The family-friendly content will include originals and acquisitions aimed at audiences ages 6-11. 

Cartoon Network and HBO Max can expect three new BEN 10 specials in April, as well as other child-friendly and educational programmings like BUGS BUNNY BUILDERS, a new THOMAS AND FRIENDS, and an educational musical series featuring Tom and Jerry. 

“After 100 years of creating some of the world’s most beloved IP, today we’re at the beginning of our new story, with the history, corporate unity and modern approach to be the industry leader our heritage deserves,” Ascheim said.

Cartoon Network’s new tagline reads, “Redraw your world.”

“The characters, artists and storytellers that make up Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation are some of the strongest in the industry,” Sam Register, President of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, said. “While each studio continues in the footsteps of their own proud legacy, they unite with a shared passion to create programming that will draw in audiences of all ages and be the engine that drives WarnerMedia to the top of the kids and family space.”

Warnermedia is not the only company to make an effort to produce more family-friendly content to compete with Disney just this year.

However, questionable and even immoral series on Cartoon Network could mean that additional hours of content does more harm than good.  

Movieguide® previously reported on a children’s show that teaches kids there are an infinite number of gender identities. 

Cartoon Network, which has hosted shows geared towards a younger audience for almost 30 years, is now at the forefront of dismantling the biblical view of gender and telling kids they can choose from a long list of “gender identities.”

Cartoon Network announced a new series via Twitter with the caption: “Here’s to not only normalizing gender pronouns but respecting them, too. Whether you use he/she/them or something else, we acknowledge and LOVE you!”

As streaming services continue to add more shows, media discernment becomes more crucial than ever before. To determine if a program is appropriate for your child, Movieguide® Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr recommends asking and discussing the following questions with your children:

1. What kind of role models, positive and negative, are the main characters?

2. Who is the hero? And, who is the villain? And, how do their character traits agree with a biblical hero or villain?

3. Do the moral statements and themes agree with a biblical worldview?

4. Are real consequences to sin exposed and rebuked?

5. How are relationships and love portrayed?

6. How are Christians, religion, the church, the Bible, and God portrayed?

7. Does the language honor God and people?

8. If violence is included, how is it presented?

9. How much sexual activity and nudity is included?

10. How appropriate is this material for my family and me?

Here is the full list of upcoming programs coming to HBO Max and Cartoon Network.