CeCe Winans Explains Why She Pours into Younger Generations

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CeCe Winans Explains Why She Pours into Younger Generations

By Movieguide® Contributor

Gospel singer CeCe Winans explained why she believes it is so important to invest in future generations and give them the gift of the Gospel.

“[Pouring into the younger generation] was most important to me because that is why I am strong in my faith today; because the generation before me understood the importance of [faith] being the foundation of life,” Winans told Fox News host Shannon Bream. “I really owe my life, literally, to those who took out time to pour the foundation of faith into me.”

“And, you know, I started out singing professionally when I was probably about 17 years old, and I’m 58 now,” Winans continued. “You don’t know when you become part of the older generation but it happens and I realized that, you know, it’s my turn. It’s my turn to make sure that I pour everything that I possibly can into those who are coming after me.”

Having planted and run a church for eight years, Winans understands that it is not always easy to pour into people, however, because of the eternal impact it has, sharing the Gospel is always worthwhile.

“It’s so well worth it,” she said. “No matter the challenges you have while doing it, it’s so well worth it. Some will be easier to pour into than others. Some you have to be patient with, you have to repeat it over and over.”

“But they took time with me when I was young, so I have to take out time and understand that the investment is worth is,” Winans continued. “A life is worth it. Knowing that what you have to share will stabilize these young people that are coming after you. When you really understand the difference that it makes on their outlook, on their perspective and how they’re going to raise their families.”

As she pours into the younger generation, Winans also begins to understand the differences between how she grew up and what the younger generation faces today. She also blames her own generation for many of the problems because of the example they have set for those to come.

“When we planted our church, I didn’t know how different it was. When we planted it we had the millennials, you know, and it’s funny because you know it’s like, how long are we in church? If it’s more than an hour, then it’s too long,” she said. “And I’m like, what are you guys rushing back to? Are you rushing back to your depression? What are you rushing out of the house of God for?”

“So, I think we’ve done a disservice. I think our generation has done a disservice to those who are coming after us,” she continued. “We have a job to do to get them back and reconnected to the house of God, to the presence of God, understanding that He is the God of the everyday, not just Sunday. The more you allow him to infiltrate your business and thought life and every area in your life, the more you allow Him to be your lord, like, the master of your life, the happier you’re gonna be.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Gospel legend Cece Winans is sharing her story in a new book, “Believe For It: Passing on Faith to the Next Generation.”

The book details the events in Winans’ life that led to her strong Christian faith today. The singer links her stories together with the message that everyone has a responsibility to pass on their faith to their family and friends. 

“We all have been influenced by those who came before us,” Winans said. “You don’t have to be related by blood to have a spiritual influence on someone’s life.”

“Believe For It” is also the name of Winans’ 2021 live album. The singer just kicked off a 21-city tour earlier this month, with shows planned in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

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