Chip And Joanna Gaines Reflect on the Success of Magnolia

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Chip And Joanna Gaines Reflect on the Success of Magnolia

By Movieguide® Contributor

Chip and Joanna Gaines are sharing their thoughts on the unbelievable success of their Magnolia Network and countless other business ventures. 

The couple rose to fame on HGTV with their ultra-popular FIXER UPPER. Nine years later, they have translated that popularity into their own network, a shopping center, restaurants, a merchandising partnership with Target, and a magazine. 

“I think what’s been cool about us — and what I’m proud of — goes back to that sort of naive position of when we got into this. We didn’t look at something we thought was successful and then try to emulate it; try to reproduce it,” Chip told Deadline. “So, if we’re disruptive, it’s because we are completely original and completely authentic.”

One of the biggest moves for the Gaines couple has been the addition of their Magnolia Network content to HBO Max (recently rebranded to Max). 

“To be in the company of those legendary writers and producers, and then here’s our little family network stapled to the back,” Chip laughed. “We feel like a fly on an elephant’s rear end.”

However, Magnolia Network’s offerings are just as popular as any of HBO’s other programs. The network is a Top 50 cable network among women 18+ and shows like FIXER UPPER: WELCOME HOME and FIXER UPPER: THE CASTLE broke viewership records (9.2 million and 4.5 million, respectively). 

This kind of success means the couple is always on the lookout for their next big thing.

“When you think of these reveals, it’s like everyone thinks it needs to be bigger and bigger,” Joanna explained. “Especially in the world we are going through today, how do we give people content that is actually attainable? How do we show people relatable content that’s still super-inspirational and helpful for the viewers?”

She continued, “I think more than the big reveals, the biggest challenges are in these smaller spaces where you’ve got a $10,000 budget and a weekend to do it. I think with the economy and all the stuff that’s going on, more of these projects that are scaled back can still be beautiful.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Magnolia’s partnership with HBO:

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network lineup will begin streaming on HBO Max in September due to the Discovery and WarnerMedia merger earlier this year.

According to Variety, “‘select’ titles from Magnolia Network will come to the streamer Friday, Sept. 30, as part of a page featuring ‘curated’ content from the Gaineses, which includes ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home,’ ‘Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines’ and ‘The Lost Kitchen,’ among other series.”

While the HGTV stars initially launched their linear and streaming Magnolia channel with Discovery last year, the recent merger between Discovery and WarnerMedia changed those plans.


The Hollywood Reporter reveals, “The programming shift is the first time that legacy Discovery programming will be added to HBO Max. The content will continue to be available on Discovery+.”

The FIXER UPPER stars’ upcoming series FIXER UPPER: THE CASTLE, which follows the couple as they renovate their 100-year-old Waco, Texas castle, will premiere on HBO Max, the linear Magnolia network and Discovery+ on October 14.

Additional Magnolia content will be added to HBO Max but will also remain available on Discovery+ for $4.99 per month with commercials compared to HBO Max’s $9.99 ad-supported plan.

Variety reports, “The news comes ahead of Warner Bros. Discovery’s Q2 earnings report and presentation later today, which is expected to be when CEO David Zaslav & co. reveal more about the future of HBO Max and Discovery+ — which are set to be combined into one platform at some point — and plans for the rest of the company.”

Under the new structure, Magnolia president Allison Page now reports to HBO and HBO Max content chief Casey Bloys.

Variety emphasizes that this leadership structure is “a notable sign of integration among the two companies, given that the couple has long been deeply tied to the identity of the legacy Discovery, due to the Gaineses’ origins as HGTV icons.”

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