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Chip, Joanna Gaines Announce Roller Dancing Competition Series

Photo from Joanna Gaines’ Instagram

Chip, Joanna Gaines Announce Roller Dancing Competition Series

By Movieguide® Contributor 

FIXER UPPER duo Chip and Joanna Gaines are adding another fixture to their slate of shows with a roller dancing competition series. 

Magnolia announced that the couple will produce “the first ever nation-wide roller dancing competition series.”

Described as a “nostalgic, family-friendly competition,” the show will feature skating teams from across the country as they compete for a cash prize.

“Putting on a pair of roller skates is like reuniting with your childhood. There’s just something about it that appeals to everyone,” Chip and Joanna said in a statement.

“Kids, adults and everyone in between will have fun watching these talented crews come together and skate their hearts out, and we are so excited to bring this nostalgic competition to life,” they added.

The project is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2024.

The Gaines’ are also looking forward to FIXER UPPER: THE HOTEL’s debut this fall.

The series documents “Chip and Joanne Gaines’ most ambitious project: the renovation of a historic building in Waco to turn it into a new boutique hotel,” according to an IMDB summary. 

“For us, this project represents everything we are most passionate about — hospitality, restoration and home,” Joanna told Variety. “We’ve always been firm believers in the value of home, as a place but also as a feeling. Our dream for this hotel is that it would serve as an extension of home to every guest who comes to stay.”

“This has been the biggest project of my life—the castle is second now—with four floors of restaurants and rooms and a whole ballroom,” she added. “But both of these projects, the castle and the hotel, have really been led by the history of it, the design being driven by that more than, what do I want to do with it?” 

“It’s definitely been something that I’ve had to let the story lead that design. So it’s been a fun learning process for me where I feel like I get to show up and just be a student and get schooled for a second,” she concluded. 

Stream on Max shared a video of Chip and Joanna announcing the new series. 

“We’re excited we finally get to share some news with you,” the couple said. 

“Y’all, we’re gonna have a hotel in downtown Waco, Texas,” the duo said enthusiastically. 


Joanna recently posted a video on Instagram with a sneak peek of the new hotel. 

She wrote, “Sneak peeks of @thehotel1928. Some of my favorites—high gloss Venetian plaster, green leather banquettes, double stair case in library, and custom mosaic tiles. @thehotel1928 coming soon!”

Tune in on November 8 on Magnolia and Max to see the transformation of the 1928 hotel. 

Movieguide® previously reported:

As home decor and media hub Magnolia celebrates its 20th anniversary, co-founder Chip Gaines shared how he and Joanna Gaines relied on their faith to inform the couple’s growing business through the years. 

“For better or worse, we’ve trusted our gut instincts and held on to faith with a white-knuckled grip, trusting that no matter how something may appear on the surface, there’s always beauty waiting to be revealed underneath,” he shared. 

Magnolia began in 2003 when newly married Chip and Joanna opened a little shop in Waco, Texas. 

“We didn’t have much figured out in the way of numbers and finances,” Gaines wrote. “But we believed in each other, and we believed in a dream to build something that would matter—something that would be meaningful, not only to us, but to our family and our community.”

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