Chris Tomlin Discusses New Album: ‘This Record Is The Heart And Core Of Who I Am’

Photo from Chris Tomlin’s Instagram

Chris Tomlin Discusses New Album: ‘This Record Is The Heart And Core Of Who I Am’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Chris Tomlin recently shared the details behind his upcoming album, Always, and what he hopes the music does for its listeners. 

When asked about the title of the album, Tomlin replied, “I love that word. When I think about that word, when you think about worship, and the one word ‘always’ how powerful that…it says so much.”

“There’s not a lot of things in our life that are ‘always.’ Most things end. Many things fail in this world,” he explained. “What I love about this song of worship and this record is that, once again, pointing people and reminding people that there is an ‘always’ God. He is faithful.”

“One of my favorite scriptures says ‘God is faithful, even when we are faithless, because He cannot deny Himself,’” Tomlin shared. 

Tomlin has shared three songs from the upcoming album: “Always,” “Holy Forever,” and “O Lord, You’re Beautiful.” 

“This record is really full-circle, it’s the heart and core of who I am,” the artist said of his new music. “It’s just trying to help people sing and worship God and give a voice to help people worship God.”

When asked about what he hopes to achieve with his new music, Tomlin replied, “To me, music is about — and writing these songs, is helping people see, more than helping people sing.”

“That’s what I hope,” he concluded. “That their eyes are opened again, like, ‘Oh, I see God’s mercy. I see His holiness. I see that He is faithful when I am not.’ That’s what I hope these songs do.” 

Movieguide® previously reported on Tomlin’s project with country group Florida Georgia Line:

Worship leader and Grammy winner Chris Tomlin says the recent collaborative project with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard was ‘God-ordained’ and is an opportunity to share the Gospel with a broader audience. 

Although the two artists met for the first time at a gym while on separate vacations, Tomlin remembers Hubbard recalling how he listened to Tomlin’s music growing up. 

Their friendship and relationship grew after this meeting and eventually led to Hubbard’s appearance on Tomlin’s newest release, Chris Tomlin & Friends.

“In May of last year, Tyler and I were both at the same vacation spot in Florida and happened to meet at the gym,” the multi-Platinum singer-songwriter told The Christian Post. “He told me how much my music meant to him and his wife, and I was floored. I mean, he’s a huge country superstar.”

According to The Christian Post, Hubbard sang Tomlin’s songs growing up in church and even attended a Passion Conference where Tomlin led worship.  Tomlin said that many of the people he collaborated with and has met through his friendship with Hubbard made him realize how interested and invested country artists are in loving God.   

“Tyler and [bandmate] Brian actually started out as a worship duo because of that conference before launching into country, and the rest is history,” Tomlin said. “He said that meeting me felt like a musical full circle.”

“So many of these people grew up singing in church, and I know they have the same heart of faith and love of God that I do,” Tomlin added. “They all said they would love to be a part of the album. It’s been so beautiful to see this whole thing come together. It’s an album born organically out of friendships and relationships.”

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