‘Christ Follower’ QB Carson Wentz Signs with Kansas City Chiefs

Photo from Carson Wentz’s Instagram

‘Christ Follower’ QB Carson Wentz Signs with Kansas City Chiefs

By Movieguide® Contributor

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has found a home in the NFL after an ACL tear in December 2017 set his career back.

However, after years of uncertainty, Wentz, a “Christ follower” per his Instagram bio, has signed with the Super Bowl championship team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Per CBS Sports, “In Kansas City, Wentz immediately becomes the favorite to serve as Reid’s top insurance for Mahomes, with incumbent backup Blaine Gabbert still unsigned in free agency. The Chiefs have preferred an experienced veteran in the No. 2 spot, previously deploying Chad Henne. And Wentz offers plenty of experience, with 93 career starts under his belt.”

Wentz was originally drafted as the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft. In year two, Wentz was on track to become the NFL’s Most Valuable Player and lead his team to a Super Bowl.

However, he suffered a season-ending ACL tear, leading to his departure from the Eagles in 2021.

Wentz was then traded to the Indianapolis Colts for a season before going to the Washington Commanders. He was released from that team and eventually signed with the Los Angeles Rams in November 2023.

Despite the uncertainty of his football career, Wentz holds onto his faith.

Before Super Bowl LII, Wentz hosted a hotel worship service the night before the big game.

“Given the obvious fact that we’re not in church on Sundays, we’re always looking for ways to implement that,” he said in Rob Maaddi’s book “Birds of Prey: the Story of the Philadelphia Eagles Faith, Brotherhood, and Super Bowl Victory.” “We would always have chapel the night before, but some guys wouldn’t always make it. It’s tough when you’re on the road and you have plans if you’re going out to dinner. So, it’s really cool to have our own form of church service for anyone who could make it. It’s just normal for us. That was just what we did and what we knew.”

Wentz recalled when the players gathered in small groups and laid hands on one another to pray for each other.

“I remember that being pretty cool that we got in small groups and prayed with and for each other out loud,” he said. “It keeps God in the middle of it and strengthens the community as well where we’re not sitting there in church, listening, and leaving. We’re doing this together. We’re brothers in Christ, and that’s bigger than each of us.”

The quarterback also founded the AO1 Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to “uplift individuals and communities around the world by demonstrating God’s love for His people.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Wentz:

NFL star Carson Wentz is celebrating Baby No. 3!

“Girl Dad x3 ! Meet our new little blessing… Hayes Emersyn,” he wrote on Instagram. “What a wild week it’s been, but I’m beyond grateful this little girl made her entrance into this crazy world at just the right time so I could be home for it!”

Wentz continued, “Gods timing is always perfect…. learning that more and more everyday. So thankful for my incredible wife and all she does for me and our 3 girlies! She was a rockstar once again! Welcome to our crazy fam and our crazy adventure, my sweet Hayes. We love you so much already!”